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Virtual Showroom

Virtual knit samples created on SHIMA SEIKI's 3D design system SDS-ONE APEX3 are presented in virtual reality. Experience the online showroom that can be operated without the need for producing or displaying actual samples.

Fashion Show Video

View the video of the 55th Anniversary Fashion Show that combines real models with virtual models created on SDS-ONE APEX3.

Sustainable Measures

Nowadays, the textile industry is faced with many problems such as harsh labor conditions and environmental pollution. SHIMA SEIKI has been proposing various measures as solutions to these problems.

Waste-Free Production

Usually, knitwear is produced by knitting each part (front body, back body and sleeve, etc.) separately and sewing them together. In contrast, SHIMA SEIKI’s WHOLEGARMENT knitwear is produced in one entire piece three-dimensionally directly on the knitting machine, prevented wasted material such as cut loss and seam allowance. Our state-of-the-art MACH2XS WHOLEGARMENT machine evolves even further with the dual comb used for fabric takedown that eliminates the need for waste knit that was previously required for knitting short sleeves to make up for the length difference between body and sleeves. By reducing wasteful yarn consumption environmentally friendly “ideal knitwear” is realized.

Future of Manufacturing

SHIMA SEIKI's manufacturing concept realizes digitization, mass customization, and sustainability. With the SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system at its core, the TOTAL FASHION SYSTEM realizes effective communication among the processes of planning, production and sales through smooth workflow and feedback of key information. Speedy, Smart and Sustainable manufacturing realizes an Industrial Renaissance that help customers find success.

Friendly to the Earth, to Mankind and to Other Creatures


WHOLEGARMENT is knitwear produced using only the minimal amount of yarn necessary to produce just one garment without wasting resources such as cut loss.

Virtual Samples

Super realistic high-definition virtual samples produced on the SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system can eliminate wasteful consumption of resources by putting a stop to the recent tendency to "mass-produce" samples during the sampling stage.

Synergistic Effect with WHOLEGARMENT and Design System

WHOLEGARMENT and design system work together to form a synergy that optimizes product inventory, preventing unsold goods from becoming incinerated or sent to land fills.

Manufacturing proposed by SHIMA SEIKI leads to conservation of the global environment by reducing CO2 emissions and slowing down global warming, giving endangered species such as polar bears a better chance of survival.

The image above shows realistic stuffed animals. Using realistic synthetic materials and making full use of the hair material processing technology, hair quality and feel are close to real fur and can be produced without risk to animals.

Latest Knit Samples

Brand new samples in addition to fashion show samples, by category.



Wearable Technology


Samples created with compact WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine suitable for fashion accessories and kidswear

Technical Knits

Proposal of shoe uppers and bags knitted on SRY, SVR-SP and WHOLEGARMENT machines

Industrial Materials


A/W collection samples created using staf and APEX3

5-Variation Sampling

Five variation samples based on top selling products


Comfortable clothing for babies and kids as WHOLEGARMENT does not include seam allowance

Efficiency Samples

Samples prioritizing economic efficiency (saving material and knitting time)

Future Shaping

Garments featuring the advantages of SRY/SVR-SP/WG machines


SHIMA SEIKI's first original knit brand using "Total Fashion System" as a business model


Original product line of "SHIMA CO." taking full advantage of WHOLEGARMENT manufacturing method

Toyoboshi Products

Original products of "TOYOBOSHI KOGYO CO., LTD," a company specializing in cashmere yarn


SHIMA SEIKI ITALIA's collection samples created with WHOLEGARMENT and SRY machines

3D Silhouette

A trendy cocoon silhouette, created without seam allowance


A jacket and a dress featuring inlay knitting

SIP Prints

Unique samples of print designs created with SDS-ONE APEX3 by using SIP160F3/p>


WHOLEGARMENT realizes a beautiful silhouette, a natural drape, and a flared shape