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ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 Exhibit ReportPress


Shima Seiki exhibited a wide range of its computerized flat knitting technology at the ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 exhibition held in Shanghai, China, under the exhibition concept "Solutions for Diversity."


ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 Profile

Name:   ITMA Asia + CITME 2010
Period:   22nd - 26th June, 2010
Venue:   Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Exhibit Profile

Booth:   Hall E2, Stand C03
Booth Area:   504 sq. m.
Exhibits:   Computerized knitting machines   7
  WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines   2
  3D Apparel design systems   3
  Production management system   1
  Knit samples   up to 350

Exhibit Concept
As the world steadily recovers from the global economic slowdown the Asian textile industry is already witnessing significantly more activity than the previous fiscal period, and the knitting sector is no exception. As knitting companies who have survived the economic downturn begin to invest in new ways to ensure their future survival, they naturally turn to various methods to differentiate against the competition. Knitting machine manufacturers must therefore cater to an entire range customers and their needs. Shima Seiki meets this challenge through solutions tailored to individual customers. Such an endeavor to support diverse needs requires the kind of resources available only from the world's leader in computerized flat knitting technology.

Shima Seiki's exhibit theme for ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 is therefore "Solutions for Diversity" which emphasizes the company's unique capability to provide ideal solutions to a diverse customer base with diverse needs.

As the only manufacturer that offers a truly comprehensive range of current flat knitting technology, Shima Seiki displayed a representative cross-section of its product line, ranging from conventional shaping and intarsia machines to its latest high-spec WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines, in a wide range of gauges from coarse to ultrafine. Through its exhibit Shima Seiki demonstrated its capability to provide specialized technology with uncompromising quality to support a customer's needs today, and continue to do so as their needs evolve in the future.

Of the nine machines shown, eight were new, being shown for the first time at an international exhibition. Using the down-turned economy as a springboard for new developments, Shima Seiki had been busy taking advantage of the slowdown by preparing for upcoming market recovery and the anticipated upswing in machine demand. These new machines are a showcase of Shima Seiki's technological strength as well as its preparedness in meeting new demand.

In addition to its exhibition theme, Shima Seiki also emphasizes its distinction as a leading manufacturer that provides cutting-edge technology with Made-in-Japan quality, productivity, reliability and economy. It demonstrates how "economy" is not merely a matter of how a product requires less money to buy, but how efficiently that money is used to the advantage of the customer. Shima Seiki is confident that its new machines continue to provide this "true" economic advantage which its customers already enjoy.

Results for Shima Seiki at ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 were very successful, with over 50% increase in number of inquiries as compared to last year's Shanghaitex 2009 exhibit.

Products Exhibited
With "Solutions for Diversity" as Shima Seiki's exhibit theme for ITMA Asia + CITME 2010, each group of products on display could be characterized as providing a different type of solution depending on customers' needs. The following is an overview of Shima Seiki products on display at ITMA Asia + CITME 2010, along with the type of solution they provide.


Shaping Machines: Solutions for Productivity
New to Shima Seiki's machine line-up are improved versions of its best-selling SSG series, the new benchmark in shaped knitting. Now called NSSG122, the model continues with three variations: -SV; -SC; and -FC. The -SV variant, as before, features WideGauge knitting capability for knitting different gauges on one machine and Gaugeless knitting for knitting different gauges in one garment. NSSG122 carries over the Rapid Response R2CARRIAGE system for quick carriage returns and improved productivity, now enhanced with maximum knitting speeds which are up by 8 per cent. The fabric collection tray is now integrated into the knitting machine frame for reduced overhang, improving space-efficiency. Three NSSG122 machines were shown at ITMA Asia + CITME 2010. NSSG122-SV 7G WideGauge machine produces 7G samples as well as coarse 3G samples using drop stitch on half-gauge knitting. NSSG122-SV 14G demonstrated high-quality fine-gauge gaugeless knitting. The NSSG122-FC 18G produces highly sophisticated ultra-fine gauge garments in response to demand for higher-end product differentiation.


Intarsia Machines: Solutions for Versatility
MACH2SIG revolutionizes intarsia knitting with productivity that is unmatched through the combination of several key features. Maximum knitting speed is increased to 1.4 m/sec., which in combination with the Rapid Response R2CARRIAGE system, achieves significant increases in production efficiency. Intarsia capability is much enhanced through the increase in maximum number of yarn carriers to 40, allowing more flexibility during knitting and expanding the range of possible intarsia patterns. In fact, both MACH2SIG123-SC 16G and MACH2SIG123-SV 14G shown at ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 can knit patterns not possible before with previous technology, without any loss in productivity. Also shown, NSIG122-SC 12G features the same improvements as NSSG122 machines over the previous SIG series, but also features a new lint remover for the yarn gripper for reduced maintenance. The most significant improvement for Shima Seiki intarsia technology however, is new Automatic Intarsia Carrier Setting software on SDS-ONE apparel design workstation, which dramatically improves set-up efficiency and diminishes leadtimes. Depending on the intarsia pattern, what used to take hours or days to program can now be performed in minutes or even seconds.

   MACH2X153 18L

WHOLEGARMENT Machines: Solutions for Progressivity
Shima Seiki pioneered WHOLEGARMENT knitwear production in 1995, and has continued improving on the technology since. With vast knowledge and experience, as well as over 150 worldwide patents, WHOLEGARMENT production is now beginning to see commercial applications in Asia as well. The flagship WHOLEGARMENT machine, and the pinnacle of computerized flat knitting machine technology, is MACH2X153 18L, shown publicly for the first time at ITMA Asia + CITME 2010. Unparalleled by any other machine, it realizes beautifully shaped and sophisticated ultrafine gauge WHOLEGARMENT knitwear with the highest-possible quality at more than twice the productivity over previous models. It features a special large-hook version of Shima Seiki's innovative SlideNeedle mounted on 4 needlebeds at 18-gauge needle pitch, which effectively yields very tight, high-grade 15-gauge texture fabrics. MACH2X153 18L possesses significant market advantage in that the inherent characteristics of WHOLEGARMENT production without the need for post-processing is especially beneficial to ultrafine gauge because the labor required for linking and sewing such items is very specialized and very difficult to match the machine in speed, quality and consistency. Also shown, SWG091N 15G demonstrates the extended capability of WHOLEGARMENT knitting, ranging from gloves, socks, five-toe socks, and leg warmers to caps, scarves, neck-ties and even garments such as leggings, tanktops, camisoles, childrenswear as well as other knitted goods and accessories. Featuring Shima Seiki's own SlideNeedle and motorized Auto Yarn Carriers, the compact and economical SWG091N is capable of highly-productive, value-added product differentiation.

Shima Network Solutions: Solutions for Connectivity
Shima Seiki's original production monitoring application Shima Production Report 2 (SPR2) was shown for the first time at ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 as part of Shima Network Solutions production management system. Taking advantage of the networking capabilities of Shima Seiki knitting machines, Shima Network Solutions brings the most out of the production capability of each machine. SPR2 monitors production status of knitting machines continuously and outputs production reports automatically for such criteria as piece count per shift, operating efficiency, average knitting time, stop time, and error information. Production progress can be cross-checked with the report viewer, and machines can be monitored in real-time using the machine status window. Multi-user capability and remote monitoring from outside the factory is possible as well. Shima Network Solutions can be customized according to the specific needs of each factory configuration, beginning with an entry-level system and performing upgrades to keep up with growing production capacity.

3D Apparel Design Workstation: Solutions for Creativity
Like Shima Seiki's SDS-ONE, the SDS-ONE APEX 3-D apparel design workstation continues with Shima Seiki's tradition of providing total knitting solutions with true all-in-one capability. As the central hub of the Total Knitting System and Total Fashion System, which tie together various stages of product planning, design, programming, production, merchandising and retail promotion, no other design system is as dedicated to the all-around support of knit production into one smooth flow as an integral part of the apparel supply chain. The key to this all-in-one capability is photo-realistic knit simulation. Super-realistic simulations can be created and mapped onto bodies for accurate evaluation and impressive presentations to clients, without the need for costly, time-consuming sampling work. Furthermore with SDS-ONE APEX, 3D modeling is possible. 3D Modelist software first creates a virtual body. Loop simulation data is then mapped on for a virtual image far more realistic than any previous attempts at mesh mapping. Layering of multiple garments for checking coordinated items is possible as well. And of course, 3D loop simulation for WHOLEGARMENT is also possible. Since machine programming data is prepared simultaneously with design data, production can begin immediately as soon as design approval is obtained. Also significant is Knitting Assist, which automatically evaluates programming data and detects any problematic areas prior to actual knitting, preventing costly mistakes later.