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ITMA ASIA + CITME 2012 PreviewPress


In 1962, SHIMA SEIKI began developing products to benefit the knitting industry under the corporate motto "Ever Onward." 50 years later we continue to provide the cutting-edge in flat knitting technology, and ITMA ASIA + CITME 2012 presents an excellent opportunity to showcase our current offering during this anniversary year. While commemorating the past, SHIMA SEIKI will be focusing on revitalizing and sustaining knitting industries in China and Asia in the future.

Despite enormous expectations placed upon China as the world's foremost garment production base, it has witnessed an economic slowdown due in no small part to increasing material cost, higher wages and shortage of labor. Consequently textile manufacturing within China and its neighbors in Southeast and Central Asia is currently undergoing careful re-evaluation. With a diverse array of innovative solutions, SHIMA SEIKI is always at the ready to support such challenging market conditions. Toward a New Era of Knitting, SHIMA SEIKI presents the next phase in industrial modernization; a must-see for visitors eager to discover what the future holds in store for knitting. True to the original ITMA tradition of launching brand-new technology, a majority of the knitting machine models are first-time introductions at ITMA ASIA + CITME. True to SHIMA SEIKI tradition, these machines represent technology that is unavailable elsewhere.

In these trying times, it is easy to lose sight of long-term goals in the pursuit for immediate profit. Through our exhibit, we intend to remind customers about the value of investing in a progressive company with the true potential to keep up with future market needs.