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ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 PreviewPress


SHIMA SEIKI will be present at this year's ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 exhibition, with its line of advanced computerized flat knitting machines and peripherals. The company's exhibit theme is "Solutions for Diversity" which emphasizes its unique capability to provide solutions to a diverse customer base with diverse needs through complete systems integration via its Total Knitting System and Total Fashion System concepts. To this end, SHIMA SEIKI will have on display a representative cross-section of its technology, ranging from conventional shaping and intarsia machines to its latest high-spec WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines, in a wide range of gauges from coarse to ultrafine. SHIMA SEIKI will also demonstrate that, for any given requirement, its lineup provides specialized technology for uncompromising quality, further fueling its reputation for technological leadership.

In addition, of the 9 machines scheduled to be shown in Shanghai this June, at least 8 will be new exhibits, being shown for the first time at an international exhibition. Using the down-turned economy as a springboard for new developments, SHIMA SEIKI has been busy taking advantage of the slowdown by preparing for upcoming market recovery and the anticipated upswing in machine demand. With these new machines, SHIMA SEIKI intends to showcase not only its technological strength but also its preparedness in meeting new demand. The company hopes that ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 will prove to be an opportune moment to present these new offerings to the industry.

In addition to its exhibition theme, SHIMA SEIKI will also emphasize its distinction as a leading manufacturer that can provide cutting-edge technology with Made-in-Japan quality, productivity, reliability and economy. It will demonstrate how "economy" is not merely a matter of how a product requires less money to buy, but how efficiently that money is used to the advantage of the customer. SHIMA SEIKI is confident that its new machines will continue to provide this "true" economic advantage to which its customers are accustomed.

The following are a few of the new machines on display at ITMA Asia + CITME 2010.


MACH2X15318L WHOLEGARMENT computerized flat knitting machine
SHIMA SEIKI will show its flagship MACH2X153 in 18L gauge, which realizes beautifully shaped and sophisticated ultrafine gauge WHOLEGARMENT knitwear with the highest-possible quality at more than twice the productivity over previous models. The current pinnacle of computerized flat knitting machine technology, the 18L machine features a special large-hook version of SHIMA SEIKI's innovative SlideNeedle mounted on 4 needlebeds at 18-gauge needle pitch, which effectively yields very tight, high-grade 15-gauge texture fabrics. MACH2X153 18L possesses significant market advantage in that the inherent characteristics of WHOLEGARMENT production without the need for post-processing is especially beneficial to ultrafine gauge because the labor required for linking and sewing such fine gauge items is very specialized and very difficult to match the machine in speed, quality and consistency.


MACH2SIG computerized intarsia flat knitting machine
MACH2SIG revolutionizes intarsia knitting with productivity that is unmatched through the combination of several key features. Maximum knitting speed is increased to 1.4 m/sec. Combined with the Rapid Response R2CARRIAGE which achieves quicker carriage returns after each course, production efficiency is increased significantly. Intarsia capability is much enhanced through the increase in maximum number of yarn carriers from 32 to 40, allowing more flexibility during knitting and expanding the range of possible intarsia patterns. And perhaps most importantly, new Automatic Yarn Carrier Setting software on SHIMA SEIKI's SDS-ONE apparel design systems dramatically improve set-up efficiency and diminish leadtimes. Depending on the intarsia pattern, what used to take hours or days to program can now be performed in minutes or even seconds.

NSSG122 and NSIG122

NSIG122 computerized flat knitting machine

NSSG122 computerized flat knitting machine
Also new to SHIMA SEIKI's machine line-up are new and improved versions of its best-selling SSG series and its intarsia-capable counterpart, the SIG series. Now called NSSG122 and NSIG122, they feature several improvements over their predecessors. They both carry over the Rapid Response R2CARRIAGE system for quick carriage returns and improved productivity, now enhanced with maximum knitting speeds which are up by 8 per cent. The fabric collection tray is now integrated into the knitting machine frame for reduced overhang, improving space-efficiency. Other user-friendly features include a USB interface repositioned directly under the control panel for improved access. NSIG also features a new lint remover for the yarn gripper for reduced maintenance. Also improving the NSIG122's intarsia-knitting performance significantly is new Automatic Intarsia Carrier Setting software on Shima's SDS-ONE apparel design workstation.

Peripheral Systems
Aside from its main product line of computerized knitting machines, SHIMA SEIKI will also exhibit its latest software version of its 3D apparel design workstation SDS-ONE APEX, and improved Shima Network Solutions production management software. Also demonstrated are its updated website functions and proposed web-based services.