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ITMA 2011 BarcelonaPress


It has been 50 years since SHIMA SEIKI began developing products that benefit the knitting industry under the corporate motto "Ever Onward." We continue to provide the latest technology, and this year―our 10th ITMA since we first began participating in 1971―is an excellent opportunity to showcase our capability. Through our exhibit, we hope to reassure both our existing customers and potential customers about our future direction, so that they may realize the choice they make in Shima Seiki is the right choice to make for their future.

As part of its enormous growth as the world's foremost garment production base, China's knitting industry has developed rapidly. As feared and revered as it is however, we are now witnessing a slowdown due to increasing material cost, higher wages and shortage of labor. Consequently the trend to concentrate knit manufacturing within China is being reconsidered. At the same time, textile manufacturing for consumer markets are expanding within emerging markets such as Russia, India and Brazil due to recent economic growth. Asian and Middle Eastern markets are also attracting attention as garment manufacturing bases for European nations.

With such diverse manufacturing conditions existing around the world, we are showcasing new machines that are designed to respond to the specific needs of each market, with WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines that offer high value-added manufacturing in consumer markets, new generation in shaping machines that offer a new sense of value regardless of market, and a new design system that re-defines product planning and machine programming for all applications.

Working in close consultation with our customers and continually offering new solutions, we hope to revitalize the world's knitting industry through individually-oriented market solutions. This is one of our main purposes, at ITMA and beyond.

With "Solutions for Diversity" as our exhibition theme, we are presenting the future of knit manufacturing in its ideal form, catering to the diverse needs of each country, each area and each market via smart solutions utilizing SDS-ONE APEX3 as the core for "TOTAL FASHION SYSTEM" and "TOTAL KNITTING SYSTEM" concepts. In manufacturing, new machines round out a complete range of WHOLEGARMENT, new integral, intarsia and shaping machines ranging from 3G to 21G. On the programming side, SDS-ONE APEX3 features brand new programming software and 3D simulation features. The new programming software is unprecedented software that contains the know-how of experienced technicians, offering optimum solutions for each customer.

Furthermore through its "TOTAL FASHION SYSTEM" concept SDS-ONE APEX3 now caters to industries other than flat knitting, such as circular knitting, weaving and printing. It improves on the process of planning and design, reducing time, cost and material waste associated with sampling by substituting actual samples with virtual ones. In such a way the true value of the "All-in-One" design system as a cost-cutting tool becomes apparent.


Exhibition: ITMA2011 (International Exhibition of Textile Machinery)
Period: 22nd-29th September, 2011 (8 days)
10:00-19:00 (visitors)
Venue: Fira de Barcelona Gran Via
Address: Av. Reina Maria Cristina s/n Barcelona, Spain
Capacity: Over 1,300 exhibitors from 45 countries
Exhibit area 115,000 sq. m


Booth: Hall No.3 / Stand No. H3-B159
Booth Area: 500 sq. m
Exhibits: 11 computerized flat knitting machines
6 design systems
1 printing machine

Description of Main Exhibits

1. Computerized Knitting Machines
The world's only 4-bed WHOLEGARMENT machine, the MACH2X lineup now features a new 18L machine that produces fine, sophisticated fabrics. It supports high-speed knitting of delicate material such as cashmere and thin count yarns. Also shown for the first time is a MACH2X with SlideNeedles mounted at 8G pitch that produces high-quality middle-gauge WHOLEGARMENT products. Furthermore we are introducing a new FIRST-series machine, the world's first flat knitting machine that can perform shaping (knit and transfer) in 21 gauge. Featuring SlideNeedles, loop pressers and transfer jacks, it can knit a wide variety of patterns in a wide range of gauges never before possible, from 18G~26G for single jersey and 18G~20G for ribs. Also shown for the first time at ITMA, the new SIR122 machine features a newly developed highly efficient compact carriage. and is expected to become the new standard in computerized flat knitting. Other new exhibits include a MACH2SIG intarsia machine in 18G with maximum configuration of 40 carriers, and the new SCG122SN coarse gauge machine with SlideNeedle that is capable of producing fabrics with texture in the 2G~4G range.

2. 3D Design System
At the core of the "TOTAL FASHION SYSTEM" and "TOTAL KNITTING SYSTEM" is the SDS-ONE APEX3. It links together the various functions of design, patternmaking, knit programming, embroidery design, print design and sales promotion into one smooth workflow from planning, design and production to retail sales. At ITMA, special emphasis will be placed on the application of high-quality realistic simulations to create virtual samples, thereby eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming samplemaking, and allowing more effort to be placed on the planning, design and production stages for creating higher-quality value-added products.

3. Textile Printing Machine
SHIMA SEIKI's new textile printing machine SIP-160F2 provides beautiful full color printing on a variety of fabrics, based on designs created on SDS-ONE APEX3. Both reactive dyes and pigment inks can be used to support different types of print applications. The printing head on the flat-bed type machine can be raised or lowered to allow printing on fabrics with 3-dimensional textures or even directly on completed products, including WHOLEGARMENT knitwear produced in one entire piece. Using the color management system (CMS) on SDS-ONE APEX3, the final printed product can be simulated for checking results before printing begins.