Single-Ply Leather Cutting Machine

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P-CAM160L / P-CAM270L

P-CAM160L / P-CAM270L

Single-ply Machine Ideal for Cutting Leather Goods

SHIMA SEIKI's P-CAM160L and P-CAM270L are computerized cutting machines (NC cutting machines) capable of high-speed cutting of leather, showing their strength in regular production as well as in small lot production such as samplemaking, short-cycle- and supplementary-production. The single-ply machine series is available in two cutting widths, at 1,600mm for P-CAM160L and 2,700mm for P-CAM270L, supporting cutting of both half-hides and full-hides respectively. P-CAM160L and P-CAM270L are the perfect choice for such applications as automotive interiors, furnishings, bags, shoes and other leather goods.


Model P-CAM160L P-CAM270L
Cutting Cutting area (W x L) 1,600mm×3,200mm 2,700mm×3,200mm
Cutting thickness (Max.upon suction)* Single hide (half-hide) Single hide (half- or full-hide)
Cutting method Circular knife (clearance through raising and lowering)
Camera Scanning camera for detecting colored tape that indicates defects in the leather. Allows quality ranking.
Head speed (straight line) Cutting: 60m/min. Moving: 100m/min.
Drilling Drill-type
Cutting table Belt conveyor. Cutting mat.
Suction Inverter controlled blower. Automatic pressure control.
Origin positioning 2-point teaching method (fabric angle compensation). Laser marker positioning. Camera scanning.
Vinyl sheet Automatic spreading
Stop motion Stop unit activation (see below), cutting area over, servo alarm, fabric thickness sensor, danger zone avoidance sensor (P-CAM270L only), etc.
Stop units Emergency stop switch at all 4 corners. Pause switch and collision detection bar on Y-beam.
Operation Interface Touch-sensitive display panel. Menu-interactive using touch or stylus.
Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB2016 64bit
OS language selected upon setup (English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese and Thai).
Processor Intel Core-i7 3700(3.4GHz/TURBO 4.0GHz 4Core HT)
Main memory (RAM) 4GB
Internal storage 256GB SSD
External Interface USB3.0×6ports(Front×2ports、Rear×4ports)、USB2.0×2ports
Keyboard English keyboard (USB)
Mouse Optical mouse with scroll wheel (USB)
Display type 17 inch LCD full-color display (touch panel)
Display resolution 1,280 x 1,024 pixels
Display colors 24-bit full color (16,777,216 colors)
Operating noise 76dB
Power Main unit 3 phase AC200V 23kVA 3 phase AC200V 41kVA
Options Feeding conveyor table (1.5m), Mat cleaner, Horizontal exhaust, etc. Mat cleaner, Horizontal exhaust, etc.


Kg (lbs.) 1,600 ( 3,520 ) 1,750 ( 3,850 )


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