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Fast, High-Quality Marker Outputs in Actual Size

SHIMA SEIKI's PMK1600 and PMK2000 inkjet marking plotters produce life-size patterns and markers quickly and in high-quality, up to a printing width of 1,650mm and 2,050mm respectively. Suction and multi-point pressure rollers prevent paper jams, so smooth and stable delivery of even long markers is possible with high precision. In addition, with the optional take-up device and rewind device, efficient paper output is possible. Together with scheduling software of P-BRIDGE, productivity is enhanced even further. In sharp contrast with conventional pen-plotting systems, with the inkjet system, total print time remains the same regardless of the amount of information printed on the paper. PMK1600 and PMK2000 are both suited for such industries as fashion and apparel, automotive, workwear, industrial material, furniture and more.


Model PMK1600 PMK2000
Maximum paper width 1,650mm 2,050mm
Maximum printing width 1,650mm 2,050mm
Drawing speed (@300dpi) 107sq. m/hr 112sq. m/hr
Ink(color) Dedicated ink(Black)
Resolution 300×150dpi, 300×300dpi
Paper General paper 40g to 60g/sq. m
Outside diameter 200 mm or less (weight 30 kg or less)
Stop motion Out of paper, Out of ink, Front cover open, etc.
Safely devices Front cover
Interface Ethernet (when sending from SHIMA SEIKI CAD to PMK), USB memory interface
Data format HP-GL compliant (when sending from SHIMA SEIKI CAD to PMK)
Paper set Suction device/Manual lever
Take up device (1) Front winder system, Paper auto take up device, rewind device
Dimensions W2,550mm (100.4") x D550mm (21.7") x H1,200mm (47.2") W2,950mm (116.1") x D550mm (21.7") x H1,200mm (47.2")
Power Single phase AC220V 300VA
Weight Approximately 160kg (352lbs.) Approximately 240kg (528lbs.)
System Requirements Temperature/Humidity 17 to 30°C/80% or less (non condensing)
(1) Paper take up device

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