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NC Cutting Machine (Computerized Cutting Machine) suitable for cutting roll material such as carbon fiber prepregs and industrial material

SHIMA SEIKI's P-CAM130C and P-CAM160C NC cutting machine (computerized cutting machine) is ideal for cutting rolls of Carbon- and Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP and GFRP) pre-impregnated composites (prepregs). In addition to conventional drag knife and reciprocating knife, ultrasonic knife can also be selected, allowing cutting of a wide range of materials such as rubber, leather, vinyl, thermoplastics, adhesive materials and water-repellent material up to 20mm in thickness and in multi-ply applications. Cutting depth and height are automatically adjusted to aid in longevity of the blade. Furthermore various measures are taken in consideration of the type of materials to be cut on this machine, such as dust prevention, auto knife cleaning and double-cut prevention function. A conveyor system with special cutting brushes is used for the cutting table, allowing highly efficient production while delivering roll material. Pickup table and automatic labeling device are available as options. By using the optional barcode scanner, operation accuracy and efficiency is increased significantly by preventing mistakes upon pattern data input. Machine installation can be performed in one-piece or in separate sections for smaller spaces. Together with SHIMA SEIKI’s SDS-ONE APEX3 CAD system, P-CAM130C and P-CAM160C provides smooth and efficient computer-to-cutting for a variety of industries from automotive and aerospace to industrial materials.

P-SCAN V Input unit

P-SCAN V Input unit

When scanning patterns, digitizing is always performed along the center of the outline so tracing can remain consistent between repeated scans or among different operators. In addition, the scanned image remains on the monitor for quick confirmation of the digitized line during operation.

Vertical Cutting Plotter

Vertical Cutting Plotter

The vertical cutting plotter can draw and cut patterns at actual size, in seven colors. Furthermore, it can be used for gauge output, drawing scaled-down patterns and performing scaled-down marker output on A4 and A3 size paper.

Inkjet Printing Machine PMK1600/2000


PMK1600 and PMK2000 inkjet marking plotters produce life-size patterns and markers quickly and in high-quality, up to a printing width of 1,600mm and 2,000mm respectively.

Automatic Labeling Machine P-LAB

Automatic Labeling Machine P-LAB

P-LAB automatically print essential information such as part no. and size onto labels and affix them automatically on to the fabric.

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