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Automatic Labeling Machine for Use with Existing Spreading Tables

SHIMA SEIKI's P-LAB automatically print essential information such as part no. and size onto labels and affix them automatically on to the fabric. Labeling is performed with optimum positioning according to piece data for easier production management downstream of cutting. P-LAB is capable of sharing marker data produced on the SDS-ONE APEX3 CAD system, so there is no need for creating any new data or markers. Combined with spreading machine and P-CAM, P-LAB contributes to Shima Cutting Solutions as an integral part of the production flow. P-LAB can be used with spreading tables already in use.

* Please consult SHIMA SEIKI concerning compatibility with spreading tables.


Model P-LAB16 P-LAB18 P-LAB20 P-LAB22
Labeling width *1 1,500mm 1,700mm 1,900mm 2,100mm
Labeling thickness *2 55mm
Head speed (straight line) Max. 35m/min
Labeling time *3 1 ~ 2.5 seconds
Labeling precision *2 ±1mm
Label specification Thermal printing, label size: 25 x 50mm 4,000 labels per roll, 30 x 30mm 3,500 labels per roll, adhesive type
Label font code Shift-JIS (Japanese), ASCII (Alphanumeric)
Origin positioning 2-point teaching method (fabric angle compensation). Laser marker positioning.
Stop motion Stop unit activation (see below), labeling unit error detection, labeling area over, servo alarm, etc.
Stop units Emergency stop switch on Y-beam.
Operation Operation via function keys
Air supply 0.45 ~ 0.5MPa, 100L/min continuous, 5L/min for single label
Power Single phase AC200V (180V - 220V) 1kVA

*1 Length depends on length of spreading table installed.
*2 Depends on material and other conditions.
*3 Depends on head speed.


Kg ( lbs. ) 100 ( 220lbs. )


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