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Automatic Spreading Machine with Lay-Up Unit for Stable Spreading

P-SPR2L is an automatic spreading machine that spreads and stacks fabric to the required length and number of plies before cutting. P-SPR2L features improved ergonomics by concentrating often-used switches in a single, easy-to-reach location, while other operations are performed through a display panel. In addition to knife sharpening, selvedge alignment allows for optimum fabric spreading for cutting. Furthermore with the new Lay-Up Unit, fabric is first unraveled across a belt to relieve tension for more stable cutting. Fabric loading is performed with the Auto Loader, so that heavy bolts of fabric can be placed easily. P-SPR2L can be linked to P-CAM automatic cutting machines (NC cutting machines), allowing spreading and cutting to be performed together as an integrated production system for improved work efficiency as well as significant savings in labor.


Model P-SPR2L-16 P-SPR2L-18 P-SPR2L-20
Fabric width 1,600mm 1,800mm 1,950mm
Spread direction One-way
Total fabric thickness* 130mm
Maximum roll diameter For use with roll-fabric feeder for apparel: 350mm. For use with roll-fabric feeder for car seat: 800mm
Maximum roll weight 30kg
Maximum spreading length 3,600mm (Max 6,000mm)
Speed Max 60m/min
Spreading table Air table, 1,750mm width Air table, 1,950mm width Air table, 2,100mm width
Unraveling unit Free-standing
Selvedge alignment Selvedge detection using photoelectric sensor
Fabric pull-out unit Fabric edge, height and slack are detected to calculate and adjust ideal spread amount, spread position and slack amount.
Defect detection unit (optional) Camera for detecting defect tag. Automatic overlapping through pattern recognition.
Automatic cutting unit Circular knife, variable rotation/move speed/cut stroke, automtatic sharpening
Stop motion Stop unit activation (see below), spreading area over, servo alarm, etc.
Stop units Emergency stop switch on front and back of carriage and four corners of main unit, pause switch on control panel
Operation Operation via LCD touch panel, toggle switch, push buttons
Power 3 phase AC200V (180V-220V). Air table use: 4.2kVA (1 blower), 7.4kVA (2 blowers). Conveyor table use: 1kVA.
Options Defect detection unit, Auto seat sealer, Auto marking system, Conveyor table, Defect tag detection camera, Additional PC monitor

* Depends on material and other conditions.


P-SPR2L-16 P-SPR2L-18 P-SPR2L-20
Kg ( lbs. ) 1,300 ( 2,860 ) 1,500 ( 3,300 ) 1,650 ( 3,630 )


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