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Computerized Warp-Weft Hybrid Flat Knitting Machine




Introducing the new LAPIS warp-weft hybrid knitting machine, combining fully modernized warp insertion capability with the latest in weft shaping technology. Only the most advanced mechatronics engineering can realize such a sophisticated technological combination. The result is evident in the unique products LAPIS can produce. Multi-color intarsia patterns can be combined with warp knitting patterns such as vertical stripes and warp jacquard to provide an unprecedented range of head-turning knitwear. LAPIS allows today's knit designers to explore entirely new creative opportunities with colorful fine gauge hybrid fabrics.


Type L122
Gauge S10, S12
Knitting width Variable stroke. Max 48" (122cm)
Knitting speed Max 1.3m/sec. Knitting speed varies according to gauge and knitting condition. Variably adjustable speed levels. 10 additional programmable speeds.
Stitch density 70 levels, electronically controlled.
Second Stitch (1) Motor-controlled second stitch cam allows individual adjustment of loose/tight stitches for shaping. Optional1
Racking Motor-driven. Max 1-inch racking in each direction (2 inches total).
Knitting system Front carriage: R2CARRIAGE system. Center Knitran cam + knitting cams, plating cams on both sides.
Rear carriage: R2CARRIAGE system. Center Knitran cam + knitting cams on both sides.
Transfer Simultaneous transfer, front and back, independent of carriage direction (Knitran cam system only). Split stitch.
Sinker system Front bed: Spring-type moveable full sinker system.
Rear bed: Fixed sinker
Stitch presser Special motor-driven system allows individual on/off (front carriage only).
Yarn guide Moveable yarn guide (front: move with stitch presser; rear: fixed).
Needles SlideNeedle for ideal loop formation and support of delicate yarns.
Needle selection Electromagnetic direct selection.
Lace bar Four 40" bars working independently on 4 tracks over 2 lace bar rails (Two additional 8" lace bars included).
Lace bar blocks 2-inch wide lace bar blocks with lace pipes for warp yarn. One-touch attachment onto lace bars.
Lace bar racking 40" lace bar: 8-inch racking (8" lace bar: 40-inch racking).
Warp yarn creels 3 creels with 20 yarn cone attachments each standard (2) . Warp yarn tension device standard.
Setup device Takedown comb with special setup needles.
Takedown device Main/sub rollers. Changeable 99 levels, automatically adjustable on each level. Automatic opening and closing.
Yarn cutter Single-unit system includes 1 yarn cutter and 2 yarn grippers. Both sides standard. Warp yarn cutter standard.
DSCS Consistent loop length by digital control method. Left side standard (6 positions). Left side yarn feed roller (yarn feed: 8 positions).
Side tensions 12 on each side
Auto yarn carrier Independent motorized yarn carriers eliminate the need for empty carriage courses. 2 carriers.
Yarn carriers 10 intarsia carriers + 2 carriers
Top tensions 24 tension devices. One-touch easy threading. Large knots cause machine stop. Small knots cause 0-9 courses at specified knot detection speed, then automatically resume at set speed.
Stop motion Yarn break, large knot, wraparound check, shock detection, piece count, over-torque, program error, etc.
Drive system Belt drive. AC servo motor. No lubrication necessary.
Cleaner Special blower operated cleaner.
Safety devices (3) Full safety cover for noise-suppression and dust-proofing with stop motion sensor and interlock mechanism. Stop button. Power supply disconnecting device. Ultra-low speed "crawl" setting. Indicator lamps (see below).
Operation lamp Green/normal operation. Flashing green/normal stop. Flashing amber/abnormal stop.


Data input USB memory interface. Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T network.
Pattern memory 25,165,824 bits (1,024 wales x 8,192 addresses)
Control system Stored program for flat knitting machine.
Control display Back-lit monochrome LCD panel. Editing possible via display panel operation. Available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
Back-up power Power supply for resuming knitting after power failure.
Power 3 phase AC200V+/-10% 3.0KVA
(1) Second Stitch cam.
(2) Warp yarn creels.
(3) CE Mark.


Kg ( lbs ) 1,102 ( 2,424 )


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