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Knitting Machines Out of Production

Computerized knitting machine models that have gone out of production are listed. Please follow the links for browsing their PDF catalogues.

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Type Model PDF
Computerized flat knitting machines
NSES122CS PDF catalog (1102KB)
Computerized flat knitting machines
SSG234SV/SC PDF catalog (880KB)
SSG236SV/SC/FC PDF catalog (1849KB)
WHOLEGARMENT Knitting Machines
SWG021N PDF catalog (947KB)
SWG041N・SWG061N・SWG091N PDF catalog (1957KB)
Computerized flat knitting machines
NewSES122FF / NewSES124FF PDF catalog (684KB)
NewSES122-S / NewSES123-S / NewSES124-S PDF catalog (612KB)
NewSES122SL PDF catalog (254KB)
NewSES122RT / NewSES123RT PDF catalog (564KB)
NewSES122RT / NewSES123RT / NewSES183RT (with Transfer Jack Bed) PDF catalog (654KB)
NewSES122Si / NewSES123Si PDF catalog (822KB)
NewSES122Fi / NewSES123Fi PDF catalog (263KB)
NewSES122Li PDF catalog (242KB)
NewSES202-S PDF catalog (261KB)
NewSES234FF / 234-S / 254-S PDF catalog (795KB)
NewSES236FF / 236-S PDF catalog (665KB)
NewSES122CS / 124CS / 234CS PDF catalog (463KB)
Full-jacquard computerized flat knitting machine
SFJ202T PDF catalog (748KB)
Computerized flat knitting machine with warp insertion capability
SPL122CS PDF catalog (539KB)