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Semi-Jacquard Type Flat Knitting Machines




The SFF152-T specialty machine is based directly on technology derived from our best-selling computerized flat knitting machines. The compact and space-saving SFF152-T specializes in such applications as plain, rib and tubular knits in panels as well as accessory parts such as collars, plackets and pockets. The SFF152-T features a twin-carriage configuration complete with transfer capability, and is a cost-effective solution for supplementing production with specialty items.

An Easy-to-Read User-Friendly LCD Controller

LCD Controller

SHIMA SEIKI R&D philosophy centers around optimum interface between user and machine. All software control of SFF152-T is performed via a new control panel featuring a monochromatic LCD monitor with an improved graphic interface for intuitive operation. The eye-level display offers improved ergonomics, while menu-interactive function buttons offer easy input and editing. A USB interface is also positioned directly below the control monitor for improved access in data exchange.

Improved Quality Control with Top Tensions and Side Rollers

Top Tension Device

When knots are detected during knitting, the top tension automatically slows down or stops machine operation according to the situation. SFF152-T also features side rollers which supplement the takedown roller by adding required tension to the edges of the fabric in both horizontal and vertical directions. This assures more even takedown and prevents the fabric from bowing at the edges. In addition, a new brake disk system features adjustment dials for maintaining consistent braking tension. Together, the top tension device and side rollers serve as effective quality control devices.

Tandem Capability for 2-System or 2×1-System Operation

The SFF152-T features twin carriages, each with a single-system cam setup. While both carriages can be used together along the entire width of the needle bed for knitting wide panels in double-system mode, the carriages can be separated into two single systems for knitting two identical pieces simultaneously. Tandem operation capability thereby allows the machine to perform two separate roles, significantly increasing the versatility and flexibility of the machine.

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