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Computerized Flat Knitting Machine with Tandem Capability


SSG Series Longbed


The SSG202SV and SSG202SC are part of SHIMA SEIKI's line of SSG-series flat knitting machines, both featuring great cost-performance in computerized knit production. They carry over such proven industrial benchmarks as the spring-type full sinker system, while new technology such as the R2CARRIAGE raise their productivity to another level. Other improvements include a built-in controller for space-efficiency and easier maintenance, as well as lower overall machine height for easier access. SSG202SV and SSG202SC also support a variety of production needs with their wide 80-inch knitting width and tandem knitting capability. High in content and low in economical impact, the SSG202SV and SSG202SC are the perfect introduction to computerized knit production.



Special knitting needles on SSG202SV realize WideGauge capability whereby a variety of gauges-from fi ner-gauges using all-needle knitting, to lower-gauges using half-gauge knitting-can be knit on a single machine. This allows the freedom to handle changing seasons and shifting trends without investing in a machine for every gauge or resorting to the complex, time-consuming task of gauge conversion.


By applying overall improvements to both hardware and software, the new R2CARRIAGE (R2=Rapid Response) System achieves quicker carriage returns after each course. The result is a signifi cant increase in productivity depending on the gauge and type of fabric.

WideTandem Capability for Flexible Operation

WideTandem Capability for Flexible Operation

SSG202SV and SSG202SC feature twin carriages, each with a single KNITRAN system. While both carriages can be used together along the entire width of the needle bed in double-system mode, the carriages can be separated into two single-KNITRAN cam systems for knitting two identical pieces, such as collars, simultaneously. Tandem operation thereby allows a single SSG202 to perform two separate roles, significantly increasing the versatility and productivity of the machine.

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