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WHOLEGARMENT Computerized Flat Knitting Machine




The new "SWG-N2" series is SHIMA SEIKI’s compact class of WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines. Featuring our renowned SlideNeedle on 10-, 16-, 24- and 36-inch wide needlebeds respectively, SWG021N2, SWG041N2, SWG061N2 and SWG091N2 are capable of producing a range of fashion accessories from gloves, socks, hats, mufflers, neck-ties and other small items, as well as childrenswear and even leggings and tank tops, all in their entirety, with no sewing or linking required*. The new SWG-N2 series features the proven R2CARRIAGE system for higher productivity. A larger number of yarn carriers and holding hooks for yarn cutting, as well as a separate yarn holder with increased capacity allows for even more flexibility in multi-color knitting. In addition to their established reputation in the fashion industry, the SWG-N2 series is also capable of producing technical textiles, such as industrial material, sports, medicine and safety, expanding your business potential far beyond present limits.

* Some designs may require partial stitching.


Type SWG021N2 SWG041N2 SWG061N2 SWG091N2
Gauge 7・10・13・15・18 5・7・10・13・15・18
Knitting width Variable stroke, max 10" (25cm) Variable stroke, max 16" (40cm) Variable stroke, max 24" (60cm) Variable stroke, max 36" (90cm)
Knitting speed Max 1.5m/sec (5G: Max 1.2m/sec). Knitting speed varies according to yarn, gauge and other knitting conditions. Speed can be programmed for 16 separate categories.
Stitch density Electronically controlled. 5G : 160 levels, 7G : 120 levels, 10G : 90 levels, 13G : 70 levels, 15G : 60 levels, 18G : 50 levels
Second stitch Tight stitch for tuck in intarsia and heel knitting.
Racking (to each side) Motor-driven. 5G: Max 6-pitch, 7G: Max 4-pitch, 10G: Max 5-pitch, 13G: Max 6-pitch, 15G: Max 8-pitch, 18G: Max 9-pitch.
Knitting system Single system with transfer cams on both sides, singlecarriage (R2CARRIAGE system)
SlideNeedle Two-piece slider mechanism enables complex transfers. Mounted in the center of needle groove to yield perfectly symmetrical loop formation for knitting the highest possible quality fabrics.
Transfer Back to front during right traverse, front to back during left traverse. Selectable normal transfer or holding.
Sinker system Spring-type moveable sinker system. Sinker reset, Sinker stroke adjustment.
Yarn guide Moveable yarn guides
Fabric presser Equipped on both front and back carriages.
Needle selection Full jacquard selection via special solenoid actuators
Takedown subroller Automatic opening and closing. Adjustable in 10 levels (1-10) with additional fine adjustments in 9 levels (0.1-0.9) possible (SWG061N2/091N2 only).
Yarn cutter On right side of both front and back needlebeds.
4 yarn holding hooks and 2 cutters 5 yarn holding hooks and 2 cutters
(5G: 4 yarn holding hooks and 2 cutters)
Yarn insertion 2 yarn insertion hooks and 1 cutter above needlebed.
Elastic yarn feed device Stepping motor controlled. Feed amount up to 500% of full knitting width (adjustable for each knitted part). Right side standard (1).
Air Splicer (2) Instant color changes using pressurized air. 8 colors per unit (Except for 5G).
i-DSCS+DTC (3) DSCS with Intelligence+Dynamic Tension Control. Actively controls yarn feed in both feed and retrieval directions. Electronic control of yarn-feed tension permits high-speed knitting (Except for 5G).
Yarn feed roller Prevents yarn breaks when knitting with delicate yarns. Yarn stopper device (5G only).
Optional (4) 10 positions (5G: 12 positions)
Auto yarn carrier Independent motorized yarn carriers eliminate the need for empty carriage courses.
8 carriers 10 carriers (5G: 8 carriers)
Top tension 8 units 10 units (5G: 12 units)
Yarn break sensor One-touch easy threading. Large knots cause machine stop. Small knots cause 0-99 courses at specified knot detection speed, then automatically resume at set speed.
Stop motion Yarn break, large knot, fabric pileup, shock detection, piece count, over-torque, program error, delivery error, etc.
Drive system Belt drive. AC servo motor. No lubrication necessary.
Cleaner Special blower operated cleaner
Safety devices Full safety cover for noise-suppression and dust-proofing with interlock mechanism. Emergency power off device. Ultra-low speed "crawl" setting. CE Mark. Operation lamp (see below).
Operation lamp Green/normal operation. Flashing green/normal stop. Flashing amber/abnormal stop.


Data input USB memory interface. Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T network interface.
Pattern memory 25,165,824 bits (1,024 wales x 8,192 addresses)
Control system Stored program for flat knitting machine
Control display 10.4-inch color LCD touch panel (800 x 600 pixels). Editing possible via display panel operation. Help/Message function. Available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
Back-up power (5) Power supply for resuming knitting after power failure.
Power Single phase AC220V/230V (200V-250V)
1.1kVA 1.3kVA 1.4kVA (5G: 1.0kVA)
(1) Elastic yarn feed device on right side (5G only), Elastic yarn feed device on left side.
(2) Air Splicer (7G, 10G, 13G and 15G only) 1 unit, 2 units(SWG061N2 and SWG091N2 only)
(3) i-DSCS+DTC
(4) Yarn feed roller (SWG021N2 and SWG041N2 only)
(5) Back-up power


SWG021N2 SWG041N2 SWG061N2 SWG091N2 SWG091N2 5G
Machine Kg ( lbs. ) 315 ( 693 ) 315 ( 693 ) 358 ( 788 ) 424 ( 933 ) 542 ( 1,192 )
Creel Kg ( lbs. ) 35 ( 77 ) 35 ( 77 ) 37 ( 81 ) 39 ( 86 ) 47 ( 103 )


For questions, purchasing advice or catalogue requests concerning SWG021N2, SWG041N2, SWG061N2 or SWG091N2, please inquire HERE.