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WHOLEGARMENT Computerized Flat Knitting Machine




SHIMA SEIKI’s SWG-FIRST series computerized flat knitting machineis a synthesis of all of SHIMA SEIKI’s experience and know-how, providing a tremendous range of knitting from full-fashioning, rib shaping and integral knitting to 3-dimensional shaping as well as WHOLEGARMENT production. This all-purpose capability is made possible by carrying over our revolutionary SlideNeedle, which, together with loop pressers and transfer jacks, offers remarkable variety as well as improved quality and productivity. For SWG-FIRST124/154 S21, a special ultrafine gauge version of the SlideNeedle is used for knitting fabrics in 21-gauge, currently the world’s finest gauge possible in shaped knitting. SWG-FIRST124 and 154 are also updated with SHIMA SEIKI’s new R2CARRIAGE system that performs quicker carriage returns for significantly higher efficiency and productivity. The new SWG-FIRST series expands the boundaries of flat knitting with the speed and capability to produce garments that were previously impossible to produce.


Type F124 F154
Gauge S18・S21
Knitting width Variable stroke. Max 50" (125cm) Variable stroke. Max 60" (150cm)
Knitting speed Max 1.3m/sec. Knitting speed varies according to yarn, gauge and other knitting conditions. Speed can be programmed for 16 separate categories.
Stitch density 120 levels, electronically controlled
Second stitch Motor-controlled second stitch cam allows individual adjustment of loose/tight stitches for shaping.
Racking Motor-driven. Max 1.5-inch racking to each side (3 inches total) for front and rear needlebeds, transfer jack bed and loop presser bed.
Racking of rear needlebed and loop presser bed is performed as one. Transfer jack bed are split for individual racking control.
Knitting system Ultra compact 4-system (2 knitting systems + 2 transfer systems+ holding cam), single carriage (R2CARRIAGE system)
Slide Needle Two-piece slider mechanism enables complex transfers. Mounted in the center of needle groove to yield perfectly symmetrical loop formation for knitting the highest possible quality fabrics.
Transfer Front-back: Simultaneous transfer, independent of carriage direction. Split stitch. Horizontal split stitch.
Upper-lower: Lower front and rear (needlebeds) <--> upper front (transfer jack bed).
Sinker system Fixed sinker system
Stitch presser Special motor-drive. On/off adjustment. Press-down amount can also be set according to knit, transfer, etc.
Loop presser Individual selection possible. Positioned on upper rear loop presser bed.
Needle selection Electromagnetic direct selection
Setup device Takedown comb with special setup needles
Pulldown device Special pulldown mechanism with independent operation of front and rear. Precise control over entire garment width in 1.5-inch increments.
Exit rollers Special rollers for fabric pulldown and release. Consists of two rollers.
Yarn cutter Single-unit system includes 1 yarn cutter and 2 yarn grippers. Both sides standard. Lint remover.
DSCS Digital Stitch Control System. Consistent loop length by digital control method. 8 lightweight, compact encoders. Left side standard(1).
i-DSCS+DTC DSCS with Intelligence+Dynamic Tension Control. Actively controls yarn feed in both feed and retrieval directions. Electronic control of yarn-feed tension permits high-speed knitting. 3 units. Right side standard.
Yarn feed roller 8 positions on each side. Left side double roller standard.
Yarn stopper device 8 positions on left side
Side tensions 12 on each side. Brake disk with multi-step adjustable dials. Both sides standard.
Yarn carriers 12 carriers
Top tension 24 units. One-touch easy threading. Large knots cause machine stop. Small knots cause 0-9 courses at specified knot detection speed, then automatically resume at set speed.
Stop motion Yarn break, large knot, fabric pileup, shock detection, piece count, over-torque, program error, etc.
Drive system Belt drive. AC servo motor. No lubrication necessary.
Cleaner Special blower-operated cleaner. Automatic operation available upon knitting a set number of pieces. Manual operation also available.
Safety devices Full safety cover for noise-suppression and dust-proofing with stop motion sensor and interlock mechanism. Emergency stop switch. Emergency power off device. Ultra-low speed "crawl" setting. CE Mark. Operation lamp (see below).
Operation lamp Green/normal operation. Flashing green/normal stop. Flashing amber/abnormal stop.


Data input USB memory interface. Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T network interface.
Pattern memory 50,331,648 bits (1,024 wales x 16,384 addresses)
Control unit Built-in controller. Stored program for flat knitting machine.
Control display Monochrome LCD panel. Editing possible via display panel operation. Help/Message function (for cleaning and lubrication). Available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese.
Back-up power Power supply for resuming knitting after power failure.
Power Single phase AC220V/230V 3.0kVA 3 phase AC200V+/-10% 3.0kVA
(1) i-DSCS+DTC 4 units on each side


F124 F154
Kg ( lbs ) 1,100 ( 2,420 ) 1,275 ( 2,805 )


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