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Yarn Unwinding Option

Yarn Unwinding Option


SHIMA SEIKI's new Yarn Unwinding Option is an essential tool for supporting industrial textile applications in knitting. Normally when knitting with stiff materials such as metallic and monofilament yarns, the yarn has a tendency to kink or twist, making it practically impossible to feed smoothly into the knitting machine. To alleviate this situation, the yarn Unwinding Option is equipped with a motorized bobbin that actively unwinds yarn in the direction of the wind, providing smooth and stable yarn feed with precise control over feed amount and tension. Yarns for industrial applications can come in different packages, so the Yarn Unwinding Option supports different bobbin sizes. Replacing bobbin mounts allows various bobbin types to be mounted as well. The Yarn Unwinding Option also works in coordination with the knitting machine, allowing realtime adjustments in bobbin rotation speed according to the amount of yarn consumption. With the Yarn Unwinding Option, such knitted applications for filters, tubing and protective knitwear can be realized.


Type Yarn Unwinding Option
Supported machines MACH2XS, MACH2X, MACH2S, SWG021N2/041N2/061N2/091N2, SRY123LP/183LP, SWG-FIRST124/154, MACH2SIR123, SCG122SN, SVR122, SVR093SP/123SP, SIR122/123, SSR112
Supported knitting speed Max 1.2m/sec. (Supported knitting speed varies according to bobbin inertia, material and knitting requirement)
Number of bobbins controlled Yarn Unwinding Option can control one bobbin at a time.
Two Yarn Unwinding Options can be connected to each flat knitting machine.
Bobbin control method Control of yarn feed amount according to measurement by buffer device and yarn consumption rate.
Bobbin size Upper Purn type bobbin : Center hole diameter φ19mm-φ75mm, max diameter φ160mm, max width 600mm, max weight 8kg
Lower Bobbin with flange : Center hole diameter φ15mm-φ30mm, support hole diameter φ6mm-φ25mm, max diameter φ300mm, max width 300mm, max weight 20kg Different size
Bobbin mount Different size bobbins supported by interchangeable bobbin chucks.
Drive system Belt drive
Safety devices Full safety cover, Emergency stop switch


Control unit Stored program
Power Single phase AC200V/220V/230V (180V-253V) 2.8kVA


Yarn Unwinding Option
Machine Kg ( lbs. ) 75 ( 165 )


For questions, purchasing advice or catalogue requests concerning SWG021N2, SWG041N2, SWG061N2 or SWG091N2, please inquire HERE.