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On-Demand High-Quality Value-Added Printing.

SHIMA SEIKI’s second-generation textile printing machine SIP-160F2 continues to provide beautiful full color printing on a variety of fabrics, with improvements across the board. SIP-160F2 is available in two configurations, according to printing area: SIP-160F2S features a printing area of 1,600mm x 1,000mm, while the larger SIP-160F2L offers even more flexibility with a wider printing area of 1,600mm x 2,400mm. SIP-160F2L can accommodate large items such as knit dresses and scarves, and support traditional screen-printing methods such as cross-printing as well. Operation is easy through a touch-control monitor, and a CCD camera is available for accurate positioning. Used in conjunction with SDS-ONE APEX3, new software creates a virtual simulation of the printed product for checking the results before printing begins. Users can also use SDS-ONE APEX3 color management system to adjust color and create color profiles. With SIP-160F2, high-quality, value-added printing raises fashion to new heights, while quick and flexible production capability allows on-demand printing.


Type SIP-160F2S SIP-160F2L
Printer Printing Method Inkjet, Piezo type
Heads 8 heads
Print Head Speed Max 0.89m/sec. (Print head speed varies according to print condition).
Print Speed Max 40㎡/hr. (Print speed varies according to print condition).
Maximum Print Area (W×L) 1,600mm×1,000mm 1,600mm×2,400mm
Head Height Range 3mm - 38mm
Print Resolution 300 x 600 / 600 x 600dpi
Color Reproduction 16,777,216 colors
Ink Type Reactive dye, 8 colors (Selectable: C, M, Y, K in dark and light tones or C, M, Y, K in dark tones + K in light tone + B, R, O). Pigment ink, 8 colors (C, M, Y, K in dark and light tones).
Camera CCD camera for accurate positioning.
Suction OPTION1 Blower-operated suction for fabric setting
Host Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32bit For Embedded Systems
Processor Intel Core-i3 540(3.06GHz)
Main Memory(RAM) 2GB 4GB
Hard Disk 250GB
Interface 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet
USB memory interface (Front × 1 port). USB2.0 × 3 (Rear × 3 ports)
Operation User Interface Touch-sensitive display panel. Menu-interactive using touch or stylus
Supported Data Formats RGB files in BMP, JPEG, TIFF format. CMYK files in TIFF format (uncompressed).
Display Display Type, Colors 17-inch full-color LCD display, 24-bit full color (16,777,216 colors)
Display Resolution 1,280 x 1,024 pixels
Miscellaneous Power Single phase AC220V/230V
600VA (Blower option:1.4kVA) 1.9KVA
Operating Temperature /Humidity 20 to 27℃/40 to 70% RH (non condensing)
Parts and supplies Reactive Dye Ink C, M, Y, K in dark and light tones, B, R, O, 1,000cc package.
Pigment Ink C, M, Y, K in dark and light tones, 1,000cc package.
(1) Blower-operated suction (SIP-160F2S only).
(2) Additional Main Memory (RAM) 2GB (SIP-160F2S only).


SIP-160F2S SIP-160F2L
Kg ( lbs. ) 500 ( 1,100 ) 750 ( 1,650 )


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