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On-Demand High-Quality Value-Added Printing.

SHIMA SEIKI’s second-generation textile printing machine SIP-160F2 continues to provide beautiful full color printing on a variety of fabrics, with improvements across the board. SIP-160F2 is available in two configurations, according to printing area: SIP-160F2S features a printing area of 1,600mm x 1,000mm, while the larger SIP-160F2L offers even more flexibility with a wider printing area of 1,600mm x 2,400mm. SIP-160F2L can accommodate large items such as knit dresses and scarves, and support traditional screen-printing methods such as cross-printing as well. Operation is easy through a touch-control monitor, and a CCD camera is available for accurate positioning. Used in conjunction with SDS-ONE APEX3, new software creates a virtual simulation of the printed product for checking the results before printing begins. Users can also use SDS-ONE APEX3 color management system to adjust color and create color profiles. With SIP-160F2, high-quality, value-added printing raises fashion to new heights, while quick and flexible production capability allows on-demand printing.


Type SUM100
Spray method Spray nozzle
Nozzle 2 nozzles
Max. spray area 1,600mm x 1,000mm
Spray speed 100~300mm/s
Spray pressure 0.25 - 0.45MPa
Interface Control panel with digital display
Size 2,000mm (W) x 1,210mm (D)x 1,550mm (H)
Weight 250kg (550 lbs.)
Power 3 phase AC200V 50/60Hz 300VA


Type SDM100
Drying method Far infrared heating
Heating elements Upper and lower heating units with 6 heaters each (12 total). Lower unit can be flipped over to heat both sides of WHOLEGARMENT or finished garment on upper level.
Max. drying area 1,600mm x 1,000mm
Drying speed 8~169mm/s
Drying arrangement For WHOLEGARMENT or finished garment: Upper level only using both heating units.
For fabric panels and shaped pieces: Upper and lower levels using one heating unit each.
Interface Control panel with digital display
Operation lamp Signal tower in green and amber
Size 1,960mm (W) x 1,435mm (D)x 1,470mm (H)
Weight 300kg (660 lbs.)
Power 3 phase AC200V 50/60Hz 5.7kVA


Type SSM100
Steaming method Steam injection via boiler, Rc1 (25A) pipe diameter
Boiler capacity Requires boiler capacity of over 100kg/h. Boiler not included.
Max. shelf area 1,600mm x 1,000mm
No. of shelves 5
Opening and closing Motor-driven vertically sliding front door
Exhaust circulation Forced exhaust and circulation through blower and valve
Exhaust ventilation 75mm diameter pipe
Drain Rc1/2 (15A) diameter
Interface Control panel with digital display
Operation lamp Signal tower in green and amber
Size 2,060mm (W) x 1,405mm (D) x 1,500mm (H)
Weight 400kg (880 lbs.)
Power 3 phase AC200V 50/60Hz 300VA

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