60th Anniversary Concept

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60th Anniversary Concept

We at SHIMA SEIKI take pride in our stance toward manufacturing.
It is best represented by the three concepts shown here: Feel, Think and Act.
The entrance hall at our headquarters displays objects that embody these concepts.


Seeing "the real thing" stimulates the senses. What do you feel from the refined shape and color of the Ferrari?


The ability to wonder and think things through is a great power and privilege given to human beings, represented by "The Thinker."


Nothing is produced by thinking and feeling alone. "The Big Hand" reminds us to use our hands and take action.

60th Anniversary


Feel, Think & Act

The synergy produced by combining these three concepts is at the root of our manufacturing ethics.
We take this opportunity on our 60th Anniversary to not only celebrate our past achievements,
but to take into account current conditions concerning the climate, the environment and world affairs
and reconsider how we should feel, think and act as a corporation, as an industry, and as humans, for the welfare of the future.
We look forward to presenting the future of SHIMA SEIKI on these pages, inspired by these concepts.