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Welcome, and thank you for visiting SHIMA SEIKI's ITMA Asia + CITME 2020 Online Booth.

Already postponed a year and held in the midst of the COVID-19 coronavirus worldwide pandemic, most of you outside of China are most likely unable to attend ITMA Asia due to travel restrictions. It is unfortunate that we cannot meet and greet each other in person, but we hope the information on this page will give you a good idea of what you could have expected to see, were you to actually attend the show physically.




In case you are physically attending the show, we are part of the knitting and hosiery machinery sector located in Hall 4, Stand D05.


Exhibition Details:

Exhibition: ITMA Asia + CITME 2020
Date: Saturday, 12th - Wednesday, 16th June, 2021
Hours: 9:00AM - 5:00PM (Final day: - 4:00PM)
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC)
No. 168 East Yinggang Road, Shanghai, CHINA
Tel: +86-21-67008631
Organizer: ITMA Services Pte. Ltd.
Tel: +65-68499368

A Message From the President

SHIMA SEIKI president Mr. Mitsuhiro Shima is unable to attend ITMA Asia due to travel restrictions. Instead he has prepared a short message for visitors to our booth.

Exhibition Theme

SHIMA SEIKI is exhibiting at ITMA Asia under the theme: Step Beyond

Step Beyond

As leading flat knitting machine solutions provider, SHIMA SEIKI has been at the forefront of flat knitting technology with numerous pioneering innovations and patents registered and pending, always several steps beyond the competition. Our mission is also to guide the industry toward a more sustainable one that can withstand the test of time as well as outside influences such as fluctuating economies and naturally occuring disasters and pandemics. In that sense we hope our customers can step beyond what is considered the current industry norm by adopting new technology that can help them adapt to future challenges. It may not be easy, but we are here to help.

The Exhibits

SHIMA SEIKI presents its vision of the future, while addressing a variety of solutions for the New Normal, including proposals in Factory Automation, Digital Transformation (DX), and various online solutions.

WHOLEGARMENT Knitting Technology

Factory automation has become a buzz word in the textile industry, the interest for which has accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At ITMA Asia we are proposing factory automation centered around the special manufacturing capabilities of our WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines. WHOLEGARMENT knitwear can be knit in one entire piece without the need for linking or sewing, and allows for on-demand knitting. As pioneer of complete garment technology with over 2,700 patents and over 25 years of experience in the field, SHIMA SEIKI will present its WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology in the form of two of the latest machines.

MACH2XS153 18L
MACH2XS153 18L

The flagship MACH2XS is the most advanced flat knitting machine in the world, featuring proprietary four-needle bed and SlideNeedle technology combined with spring-type moveable sinkers and i-DSCS+DTC Digital Stitch Control System with Intelligence and Dynamic Tension Control, and capable of all-needle knitting of WHOLEGARMENT items. MACH2XS is presented in ultrafine 18L gauge, shown for the first time in China.

MACH2VS183 18G
MACH2VS183 18G

Also shown for the first time in China, MACH2VS is a flexible V-bed machine capable of knitting WHOLEGARMENT knitwear using every other needle, or conventional shaped knitting using all needles. It also features spring-type moveable sinkers and i-DSCS+DTC Digital Stitch Control System with Intelligence and Dynamic Tension Control. MACH2VS is presented in ultrafine 18G with auto yarn carriers as a prototype option.

Next-Generation WHOLEGARMENT Machine

ITMA Asia is also the occasion for a sneak preview of Next-Generation 4-bed WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology. Considering the recent increase in interest for WHOLEGARMENT as a manufacturing method suited to the New Normal, competing companies are slowly making their debut in complete garment knitting. This next generation in WHOLEGARMENT technology ensures that SHIMA SEIKI remains many a Step Beyond the competition in the technology it originally pioneered. Next-generation WHOLEGARMENT technology also prepares SHIMA SEIKI for when the industry eventually takes a Step Beyond conventional knitting to adopt zero-waste sustainable WHOLEGARMENT knitting as the next standard for knit fashion.

The new machine is named SWG-XR, adopting the SWG moniker from the first-generation WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine introduced back in 1995. The "X" represents 4 needle beds arranged in an X-shaped formation as per the original SWG-X machine, while "R" stands for "Reborn" and "Revolution," referring to a renewal of SHIMA SEIKI's WHOLEGARMENT knitting that raises the technology to unprecedented levels. Featuring an additional knitting system and auto yarn carriers, SWG-XR allows even higher productivity and vastly improved range of knitting for producing brand new WHOLEGARMENT items not possible before.

The large number of patents for WHOLEGARMENT technology is not limited to mechanical hardware, but span the range of software and programming, as well as stitch structures and knitting techniques. Available for exclusive use by WHOLEGARMENT users, these patents alone may be reason enough for choosing WHOLEGARMENT technology over other available complete garment knitting technology. A variety of WHOLEGARMENT knitwear samples featuring these patents are presented at the SHIMA SEIKI booth as well.

For more information regarding WHOLEGARMENT patents, please visit the WHOLEGARMENT Patents page, here.

Online Solutions

In order to further support efforts in DX in the fashion industry, SHIMA SEIKI has released three new online services over the past year which are also showcased at ITMA Asia: 'APEXFiz' subscription-based design software; 'yarnbank' digital yarn sourcing web service; and 'SHIMANAVI' e-learning service.


APEXFiz is the latest addition to SHIMA SEIKI's proven SDS-ONE APEX series design system lineup, but with a big departure from the past. Whereas previous APEX-series design systems were offered as an all-in-one hardware/software package, for the first time in its nearly 40 years of design system development, SHIMA SEIKI has released its new APEXFiz as subscription-based design software that can be installed on customers' individual computers. Maintaining proven functions that have made the APEX series so popular with fashion designers, with APEXFiz those strengths are now enhanced with the added versatility to adapt to different work styles and business environments including teleworking and telecommuting.

3D virtual sampling

APEXFiz software supports the creative side of fashion from planning and design to colorway evaluation, realistic fabric simulation and 3D virtual sampling. Virtual samples are a digitized version of sample making that are accurate enough to be used effectively as prototypes, replacing physical sampling and consequently reducing time, cost and material that otherwise go to waste. APEXFiz thereby helps to realize sustainability and digitally transform the fashion supply chain.

APEXFiz is furthermore available in 5 different product variations that can be selected according to the customer's needs, from APEXFiz Design Jr. to APEXFiz Design Pro.

APEXFiz product variations

APEXFiz is supported by two other web services to enhance its user experience. yarnbank is the world's first online web service for searching and viewing the latest yarns, developed in cooperation with yarn companies from around the world. Registered users can download yarn data for free, for use in fabric simulation and virtual sampling on APEXFiz, avoiding the need to scan yarn on their own. By using yarn that is used in actual production, designers and apparel companies can rest easy knowing that the simulations created using yarn from yarnbank are accurate representations of what will actually be produced. With yarnbank, the entire supply chain from yarn companies and apparel companies to knit manufacturers can be connected digitally. Best of all, registration is FREE!


SHIMANAVI e-learning service allows APEXFiz users to experience online training when and where it is convenient, and at their own pace, supporting new work styles. SHIMANAVI features several courses available in different languages to suit the needs of individual customers.

Main Demonstration

Main Demonstration

A video of the main demonstration to be presented at the ITMA Asia 2020 SHIMA SEIKI booth includes further information on Next-Generation WHOLEGARMENT technology as well as solutions in Factory Automation.

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