What "Users' Site" can provide ?

What "Users' Site" can provide ?
Registering at SHIMA SEIKI's Users' Site enables one of the following status. Whichever your status, we provide the best possible service.
GUEST A User ID and Password will be issued via email upon completing the Registration Form. You will be entitled to all Guest Status services once you log in using your User ID and Password. Guest Status is basically for those users who do not yet use SHIMA SEIKI products.
Available services : Knit samples data browsing
USER For those who register as "SHIMA SEIKI Product User" on the Registration Form, our local representative will perform an approval check, after which you will be granted User Status.* During the approval period you may enjoy Guest Status services based on the temporary User ID and Password issued. Upon approval of your USER Status, we will notify you via email and you may log on to the User Site and change your User ID and Password to those of your own choice.
Available services : Knit Sample data browsing, Knit Sample data purchasing, Lecture materials, Technical Q&A
* Please understand that "User" status might not be approved if the applicant is not Shima Seiki products user or other reason.
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Knit Samples Browsing
Knit sample data purchasing
Lecture materials (Movie)
Technical Q&A

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