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【Important Notice】 Closure of the Knit Samples menu
[Knit Samples] menu will be discontinued as of May 16, 2023.
Please register as a new member at <SHIMA Datamall> [Sign up for FREE] to continue searching and browsing knit samples.

<SHIMA Datamall> is an online service that allows you to search, browse and purchase a variety of useful data for the planning, production and sales of fashion items.
<Available contents>
- Knit Item Data (Knitting data of SHIMA SEIKI original knit samples)
- Knit Design Data (Data of jacquard patterns and other knit designs)
- 3D Model Patterns (Data that forms the basis of 3D virtual samples)
*Only SHIMA SEIKI users can purchase data. (Data available for purchase depends on the SHIMA SEIKI product you are using.)

Contents of [Sample Search] page on the Users' Site can be viewed in [Knit Item Data] at <SHIMA Datamall>. You can now view more detailed explanations with sample photos and finished sizes.

Content registered in the [Wish List] on the Users' Site cannot be transferred to <SHIMA Datamall>.
Your Users' Site account is required to continue using the FAQ Site, so please make sure you do not close your account.


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