Why SHIMA SEIKI is your choice

The ambition to create what is yet unavailable.
The commitment to quality embraced by each worker.

These are fundamental to the SHIMA SEIKI brand,
generating trust, peace of mind and satisfaction for our customers.
Commitment to Quality

We spare no effort in providing the highest possible quality to our customers.

The care that goes into each part
gives rise to SHIMA SEIKI's legendary product reliability.
Precision parts are manufactured with the latest computerized equipment.

A flexible manufacturing system is employed
to support the diverse range of customer needs.
A clean workplace provides an ideal environment for quality workmanship.

At SHIMA SEIKI, we employ the Japanese "Kaizen" system
to constantly improve quality.

Since most parts are manufactured within the SHIMA SEIKI Group,
product consistency is also assured.
The highest-grade materials are used to ensure a durable product.

a testimony to product reliability.
Feedback from our customers,
as well as our experience in developing effective solutions,
become valuable resources for future developments.
Spirit to Innovate

Never satisfied with the status quo, the drive to continuously innovate
is the engineering spirit nurtured within every SHIMA SEIKI employee.

Since our founding, we have developed a host of such innovations.
In an era when mass-production on long-bed machines was the norm,
SHIMA SEIKI pioneered the takedown comb
to perform individual shaped knitting on a short needlebed.

Since then the SES series has become the benchmark for knit manufacturing worldwide
and a longtime seller of more than 20 years.
SHIMA SEIKI's original spring-type sinker system provides gentle holddown of fabrics
without undue stress on yarn, permitting effortless production under various conditions.

Many customers have indicated "Ease of Knitting" as one of the main reasons
for choosing SHIMA SEIKI knitting machines.
The needlebed can be considered the heart of the knitting machine.
That is why at SHIMA SEIKI we take high-strength steel and put it through
our own special hardening process to yield a tough, precision-cut needlebed.

We also use needle plates that provide durability at high speeds
and protect the needlebed in the event of broken needles and jacks.
SHIMA SEIKI pioneered the legendary Digital Stitch Control System
to support market demand for higher quality knit production.

Now, DSCS is in use by most of our customers
and is an essential part of modern knit production.
SHIMA SEIKI was the first to apply computer graphics
to the programming of flat knitting machines,
and the first to apply texture mapping technology to the apparel industry.

Now, virtual sampling based on super-realistic simulations
provide dramatic savings on sampling time and costs.
Dedication to Customers

Every SHIMA SEIKI employee is aware of the fact that
the company is supported by its customers.
It is in our nature to provide sincere service.
Our customers' success means our own success,
so we place their interests first.
Together with a common goal we strive to provide
the best solution possible to suit each customer's needs.
To help make our customers' investments more worthwhile,
we stock a long-term supply of parts manufactured within the SHIMA SEIKI Group.
We work hard to provide the kind of hospitality that leads to customer satisfaction.
We strive to become a company our customers can trust,
so they can feel they have made the right decision by choosing SHIMA SEIKI.