SHIMA SEIKI 60th Anniversary Online Event

Online Event

SHIMA SEIKI 60th Anniversary
Design system

Digital Revolution for Knitwear
―Realization of DX from product planning to production―

Monday 26 Sep., 2022 - Sunday 2 Oct., 2022

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In recent years, the adoption of virtual sampling in knitwear manufacturing has been growing at an instantaneous pace. On the other hand, the creation of virtual samples that are not directly converted to production has created the problem of not being able to reduce the number of actual physical samples.

In this session, we will propose the digitalization of the entire process from sampling to production, and the use of web platforms such as "SHIMA Datamall" and "yarnbank", utilizing our long-standing expertise in flat knitting.

Seminar contents

      Duration : 30 minutes
  • Problems in knitted product development.
  • Virtual sampling demonstration.
  • How to ensure smooth communication between designers and factories.

* Schedule and duration are subject to change.

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This seminar is perfect for you if:

  • you are in charge of planning or proposing knit design.
  • you are a user of 3D software from other companies.
  • you are considering adopting 3D virtual sampling into your workflow.
  • you are an apparel brand, a trading company, a knitwear manufacturer, or a yarn spinner.

* Freelance designers and students are welcome!

What is "SDS-ONE APEX" series?


"SDS-ONE APEX" series supports everything from planning and design, colorways and realistic fabric simulation to 3D virtual sampling. It contributes to sustainability by eliminating waste from the fashion supply chain. The lineup consists of an all-in-one design system as well as individual design software "APEXFiz" that can be selected according to customer needs.

What is yarnbank?


yarnbank is a web service for searching and viewing yarns from around the world. Yarn data can furthermore be downloaded and used for creating virtual samples, contributing to efficiency in product planning as well as sustainable manufacturing.

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