Fashion Design Software with a Twist

Subscription service for design software
that overhauls the supply chain from planning and design to virtual sampling,
link to production and even E-Commerce, for fashion and other design-related industries.

Make your fashion sparkle, anytime, anywhere!

Sound familiar?


Products don't match
the specifications I gave.


I wish we could shorten
sampling lead times.


We need to advocate
sustainable manufacturing, NOW.


The quality of our
3D virtual samples is poor.

APEXFiz® is the solution.

As real as it gets

High-quality virtual fabrics created from actual yarn data are real enough to be mistaken for the real thing.
You won’t have to rely on trial-and-error physical sampling anymore!


Designed with production in mind

With APEXFiz®, your design doesn't stop at virtual sampling.
Design data can be converted to machine data by a qualified knit manufacturer.
Based on the experience and know-how as a leading manufacturer of flat knitting machines,
only SHIMA SEIKI offers this fulfilling experience of smooth communication between planning and production.

All this, AND in realtime

Creating patterns and coloring can be performed in realtime while checking your work in 3D,
so you can always check the final image while designing.
APEXFiz® realizes speedy and intuitive design like no other software.

* Functions may be restricted depending on the software.

APEXFiz® realizes digital transformation (DX) of planning and design,
facilitating sustainable manufacturing.


yarnbank yarnbank

Make your virtual samples even more realistic with real yarn data


yarnbank® is the world's first web service that allows you to search and view yarn information from all over the world. AND it's free! Join Now!

Recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari

Digitizing Yarns

Using yarn data downloaded via yarnbank® on APEXFiz®, you can perform realistic virtual sampling that is also linked to production.

The combination of yarnbank® and APEXFiz® allows the entire fashion supply chain to become digitally connected.

Virtual this, virtual that

APEXFiz® plays part in a wide range of fields
such as sports, interior furnishings, and accessories in addition to fashion and apparel.
The possibilities are endless!

"Fiz" is based on "Fizz," the sound or state of carbonation.
It represents "energy," "excitement" and "vitality."
As the name of our design software, APEXFiz® symbolizes inspiration
for creativity as it bubbles up like a well-spring and makes your designs sparkle!

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