About Shima Seiki

01 When was the Company established?

The Company was established on February 4, 1962.

02 Why was the Company established?

The Company was incorporated in 1962 in Wakayama City by the current chairman, Masahiro Shima, when he was twenty-four years old, in order to address the difficult challenge of "fully automating the glove knitting machine."

03 What kind of businesses does the Company operate?

The Company develops, manufactures, and sells computerized flat knitting machines that boast world-leading technology, and it operates a business of development, production, and marketing of the design systems and glove and sock knitting machines.

Recently, the Company has been supporting its customers' businesses by offering total solutions which include provision of the Company's know-how and designs with design systems as the core.

04 Which companies constitute the Shima Seiki Group?

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: Group Companies

05 Where are the Company's factory, branches and regional offices located?

The factory is located in Wakayama City, where the Company Headquarters is situated. Please click on the link below to find branches and regional offices.

: Global Network

06 What is the Company's management philosophy?

The Company's management philosophy is expressed in its corporate motto of "Ever Onward".
The motto shows the Company's commitment to striving to develop technologies that have never existed before and as a comprehensive mechatronics company, to providing highly advanced products at affordable prices and continuously introducing innovations to the industry with its originality and ingenuity.

07 Please describe your efforts to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The Company endeavors to enhance regional environmental management through its efforts to clean pavements constructed on facility sites and to establish facilities surrounded by greenery.
Efforts are also being made to prevent crime and ensure security in the region by lighting up the Headquarters building and installing large street lights along the road.
Regarding environmental issues, the Company has worked to save energy by actively introducing the photovoltaic generation system into the factory.

08 How is the Company's structure for corporate governance organized?

The Company intends to increase the trust of shareholders and other stakeholders, maintain the Company’s continuous growth, and improve medium-to-long-term corporate value. For that reason, as one of our most important tasks, we will ensure management soundness, transparency, and efficiency, and we will take the initiative to enhance corporate governance.
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: Corporate Governance

About the Company's business activities

01 Please explain the Company's business structure.

With Flat Knitting Machine segment as the core, the Company operates in the following four business areas.

1. Flat Knitting Machine Manufacture and sale of computerized flat knitting machines and WHOLEGARMENT flat knitting machines
2. Design System Manufacture and sale of design systems and automatic fabric cutting machines
3. Glove and Sock Knitting Machine Manufacture and sale of glove and sock knitting machines
4. Other Business Other businesses including sale of parts required for the maintenance of the Company's products, manufacture of cashmere yarns and other textile material, and production and sales of WHOLEGARMENT products

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: Segment Information


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: Glossary

03 What is SDS-ONE APEX series?

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: Glossary

04 What kind of machine is a glove knitting machine?

The reason for the Company's incorporation was to address the difficult challenge of "fully automating the glove knitting machine." In 1965, the Company successfully developed a fully automated glove knitting machine and in 1970 developed the world's first glove knitting machine which makes it possible to produce seamless gloves. The development of this machine by the Company forced out most other glove knitting machine manufacturers, where more than 200 were operating in Japan alone at that time. The Company is currently the only glove knitting machine manufacturer with proprietary technology in the world. Glove knitting machines represent the original starting point of the idea for WHOLEGARMENT.

05 What is the Company's market share within the industry?

In the flat knitting machine area, we see no competition in Japan, although there is no statistical data. German and Chinese manufacturers are the main competitors overseas, but we are considered a leading company in computerized flat knitting machines featuring our globally-leading technology all over the world including China, South Asia, ASEAN countries and Italy, the center of fashion.

06 Please provide information about the Company's patents related to knitting machines.

The Company has developed products by setting a goal of manufacturing "the world's first" product since its incorporation. The Company has acquired various patents in Japan and abroad, including more than 1,000 Japanese and overseas patents, although the details cannot be explained here. Patent allowance, patent implementation and oversea application rates remain high. Consequently, in 2006, the Company received the Intellectual Property Award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in recognition of these activities.

07 How does the rising value of the yen affect the Company's performance?

Since overseas sales of the Company account for more than 80% of the total, some transactions are conducted in regional denominations other than yen. It is possible that sales activities may not go according to plan as a result of reduced price competitiveness when the yen turns strong. Although the Company hedges risks using forward exchange contracts, yen-denominated transactions and other instruments, sharp fluctuations in exchange rates may affect the income and financial position of the Company.
Details on the effect of fluctuations in exchange rates on the Company's performance are not disclosed.

About the Company's business performance and financial information

01 When does the Company release its financial results?

The financial results for the year ended March 31, 2024  were released on Friday, May 10, 2024.

02 Please describe the Company's business performance.

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: Financial Highlights
: Segment information

03 How can I obtain data concerning the Company's financial results, integrated reports and other information?

Please download from this IR site or fill in the inquiry form and submit it directly.

04 What is the Company's targeted benchmark?

The Company believes that increased profitability and business growth facilitated by development of new technology will contribute to enhancement of corporate value. It has decided to emphasize the ratio of operating income to net sales as the management benchmark and set the objective of achieving 15% or more on a consolidated basis.

About stock information

01 Please tell us the date that the Company's stock was initially sold to the public and the stock exchanges where the Company's stock is listed.

Listed in the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange on December 25, 1990.
Listing changed to the First Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange on September 1, 1992.
Listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on January 25, 1996.

02 What is the Company's securities code number?


03 What is the trading unit?

A trading unit is 100 shares.

04 When is the deadline for purchasing stock to acquire rights to dividends?

The final purchase date for stock with cum-rights is the second business day prior to the last business day of March for the fiscal year ending March 31 and the second business day prior to the last business day of September for the interim period ending September 30.

05 When and where is the general shareholders' meeting held?

The Company's general shareholders' meeting is held at the end of June each year at the Company Headquarters in Wakayama.

06 Please explain the Company's policy on profit return.

The Company considers profit return to shareholders as one of its highest management priorities. Our fundamental policy is to continue providing stable dividends over the long term in line with sustainable business expansion.
On this basis, we strive to allocate profits in a balanced manner, while maintaining the internal reserves for long-term investment in growth and future business expansion.

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