Taking knit production to the next level

SHIMA KnitManager was developed as a solution to rethink the traditional planning

and production process of knitwear.

It is the beginning of a new era in knitwear production.

About SHIMA KnitManager

SHIMA KnitManager is production management software designed for the flat knitting factory.

Visual confirmation of various information such as machine operation status and production progress is available for maximizing productivity and eliminating waste. Online monitoring service allows progress report to be checked via web application.



Knit Production Management Solutions

With abundant experience and performance record, SHIMA SEIKI proposes optimal solutions that contribute to customer success regardless of business type, business content, region, etc.

What you can do with SHIMA KnitManager

Manage knit production

The knit production process is managed by digital data. KPI management and critical path analysis can be used to improve the process at any time.

Free cloud service

Real time order management

You can confirm the operating rate of the factory and production progress of each order by smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Production conditions can be confirmed and progress can be checked constantly by process management and monitoring for each order. Should any problem arise, prompt action can be taken.

Seamless data link

IoT and Industry 4.0 compatible

Seamless data linkage between your ERP system and our partner system can be realized by API prepared by our company.

As all flat knitting machines are connected online by IoT technology, the status of multiple production facilities can be known in real time.