Ideal knitwear

Usually knitwear is made by sewing together parts such as body parts and sleeves.
WHOLEGARMENT on the other hand, is knit in one entire piece on the knitting machine.

Here we explain the benefits of ideal WHOLEGARMENT knitwear.

you feel good

While other knitwear is produced by sewing flat parts together,
WHOLEGARMENT is created in three dimensions,
so it wraps your body for perfect fit.

Without seams to interfere with the stretch of knitwear,
WHOLEGARMENT provides ideal comfort.

you look good


Shoulder lines conform better to the shape of the body for a natural fit.


Necklines and collars without seams look refined and sophisticated.


Seam-free body creates a clean silhouette and flowing drapes.


No seams under the arms eliminates the bulky discomfort of typical sewn knitwear.

How is it made?

WHOLEGARMENT knitwear is produced in its entirety on the knitting machine. It can be described as a 3D printer for textiles.

Conventional knitwear

Conventional knitwear

Parts are cut out from fabric and sewn together,
while the remaining fabric is discarded as waste.



Produced in its entirety, no material is wasted.

WHOLEGARMENT is friendly knitwear


Environmentally friendly-
The ultimate eco knitwear

WHOLEGARMENT is created with the minimum amount of necessary material.
There is no cut loss from cutting parts out of fabric as in conventional knitwear,
making it the ultimate eco knitwear.

From a production standpoint,
since WHOLEGARMENT requires no sewing,
it can be produced at or near consumption areas,
saving on shipping for even less environmental impact.


Friendly to your body-
Accommodating knitwear

WHOLEGARMENT knitwear is designed and created in 3 dimensions,
so it wraps you in perfect comfort. Furthermore WHOLEGARMENT can be customized to each individual,
so you no longer have to tolerate wearing something that doesn't fit you.

Set yourself free from size limitations with WHOLEGARMENT.


Friendly on your skin-
Considerate knitwear

Conventional knitwear with its bulky seams is uncomfortable,
and possibly even painful for those with sensitive skin.
With WHOLEGARMENT you no longer have to experience that discomfort.

With "second skin" comfort
you may barely even notice you're wearing anything at all!


Friendly on individuality-
Knitwear with high design potential

Tired of bland, repetitive fashion that all looks the same?
WHOLEGARMENT offers the potential to explore new designs and stitches,
as well as thinness, light weight and beautiful drape.

There is also the potential
for customized knitwear with which to assert your individualism.

Where can I buy it?

WHOLEGARMENT is adopted by brands all over the world.
Listed here are some of those brands.



Look for the offical WHOLEGARMENT tag* attached to authentic WHOLEGARMENT knitwear.

* Some brands or items may feature diffrerent tags.



Impressions by people who have tried WHOLEGARMENT


I like the fact that it enhances my body line and is comfortable to wear. It really feels good to wear something without any seams.

30s female

Because my skin is so sensitive other garments made me itchy at the seams, so imagine my surprise to find that with WHOLEGARMENT I experienced no itchiness. Now I can't live wthout it!

40s female

The fit is perfect, with no tightness anywhere. I wear it not only at home, but also at the gym as well.

50s female

It's comfortable, and it breathes well, so I wear it directly against my skin, under my shirt or sweater. I can wear it all-year long.

60s male

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