SHIMA SEIKI’s manufacturing concept realizes digitalization, mass customization and sustainability. With the SDS-ONE APEX series design system and software at its core, the TOTAL FASHION SYSTEM realizes effective communication between the planning, production and sales stages through smooth workflow and feedback of key information. Smart, speedy and sustainable manufacturing realizes an industrial reformation that helps lead customers to success.



Gathering Resources

SHIMA Datamall is an online service that allows users to search, browse and purchase a variety of useful digital data for planning, production and sales of fashion items.


Design It

Design is then performed on our SDS-ONE APEX series design system and software. For example, color variations can be evaluated in an instant to save time.

Digitizing yarns

Digitizing Yarns

Meanwhile, yarn is selected. Spinning companies digitize their yarn for each season. Designers therefore have access to accurate yarn data without having to perform their own scanning.
Using digital versions of actual yarns is what makes SHIMA SEIKI's knit simulations so realistic.

Digital Yarn Sourcing Website

Recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari

Virtual Sampling

Virtual Sampling

With APEX series, knit design is based on patterns. Those patterns are combined, just as in real life, to produce a 3D simulation of a model wearing the garment, called a "3D virtual sample."

Advantages of virtual samples

  • Reduction of materials required for sample making
  • Time-savings
  • Improvement of presentation quality
  • Powerful sales promotion tool
  • Utilization for demand forecasting and reservation sales


SHIMA KnitManager

Controlling Production

The results of demand forecasting using virtual samples can be used for production planning.

Production is managed with SHIMA KnitManager, the most comprehensive production management system available for knitting.

Knitting Machines

Knit It

With the SHIMA SEIKI flat knitting machine, everything from traditional sweaters to even the delicate couture products can be freely and efficiently produced.



Production on WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines yields benefits not possible with conventional knitting methods.
WHOLEGARMENT is also capable of on-demand knitting, for supporting mass customization.

CAD/CAM Systems

Cut It

We have a lineup of various cutting methods, cutting areas, and cutting thicknesses according to the production of a wide variety of items.


Enabling Presale

Enabling Presale

Virtual samples can be especially useful for gauging consumer response to items before they hit the stores.
Consumer preference can be fed back to the design stage, while pre-order data can be used to determine demand.

A Brand New Customer Experience

By using digital signage in retail stores it is possible to generate sales even without inventory. In addition, XR (cross reality) content using virtual samples can be used to provide customer experiences never before possible.


Eliminating Bargain Sales

Products are shipped to the retail store in smaller quantities based on demand forecast adjusted to suit current market conditions

When depleted, stock can be replenished with on-demand WHOLEGARMENT knitting. This prevents lost sales opportunity due to insufficient inventory.

By repeating this process throughout the season, optimized inventory levels can be maintained through Just-in-Time inventory.

By the end of the season, the entire inventory can be sold at retail prices, maximizing profit with nothing left unsold.

Smart / Speedy / Sustainable

As a result, the Total Fashion System
realizes production with no inventory loss,
no leftover stock, no lost sales opportunity,
and especially no waste to burn or bury,
resulting in Smart, Speedy
and Sustainable production.

A completely new fashion distribution
revolution that reverses the concept
of conventional knit production.

This is the Total Fashion System,
only available from SHIMA SEIKI.

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