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SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") may use cookies and other cookie-like technologies such as local storage and pixel tags to enhance the information and services provided to users (hereinafter referred to as "User") who use this website, for them to use the website comfortably, and to analyze traffic. In connection with this Cookie Policy, the Company has established a separate Privacy Policy ( regarding the handling of personal information.

  • 1. Definitions

    • (1) Cookies

      A file that stores User behavior and preferences (login, language, and other viewing preferences) for a period of time on User's device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) for use when accessed again. This eliminates the need to re-enter information when User revisits the website or navigate from one page to another. In addition, information on the usage status of the website may be collected and used for targeted advertising.

      • First-party and third-party cookies

        All cookies belong to a predetermined domain. First-party cookies are cookies come from the domain of the website. Third-party cookies are cookies from the non-Company domains that are issued by third-party services.

      • Session cookies and persistent cookies

        There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies are stored for a period of time until a preset expiration time expires or until the User deletes the cookie from the browser.

    • (2) Similar technology to cookies

      • Local Storage

        A technology that allows websites to store or retrieve data on devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), and is used for much the same purpose as cookies. It works like cookies, but it can store more data than cookies, or it can store the data semi-permanently.

      • Pixel tags

        A technology that sends information from User's device to a server and can be embedded in online content such as e-mail and video. This allows to retrieve information from the User's device, such as the number of times the content has been viewed, the date and time it was viewed, and whether or not emails have been opened.

      Hereinafter, cookies and other cookie-like technologies (such as local storage and pixel tags) are collectively referred to as cookies.

  • 2. Cookie types

    The website divides cookies into several types. The details of the cookie types can be viewed from the setting screen called by clicking the "Cookies Settings" button below.

  • 3. User consent to use cookies

    On the website, through the setting screen that can be called by clicking the "Cookies Settings" button as described at item '2. Cookie types' above, Users can change the setting such as allowing or not allowing the use of cookies except for required cookies. Cookies are used only if allowed by Users. As long as Users continue to visit this website, it is also deemed that they agree to this cookie policy.

    Depending on the browser used by Users, it may be possible to disable or delete cookies by changing the browser settings. For details, refer to the Help menu of the browser. Please note that if Users choose not to use the cookies used on this website, it may affect the operation of this website. The Company shall not be liable for the effects of changes in the User settings unless the Company has acted intentionally or negligently.

  • 4. Changes to the Cookie Policy

    The contents of this Cookie Policy are subject to change as needed.

Mitsuhiro Shima, President, SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD.
(Enactment Date) July 25, 2023

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