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Beginning with the full automation of the glove knitting machine in 1962, SHIMA SEIKI has shown great strides in research, development and production of original hardware and software. Such technological advancements have resulted in our opportunity to serve a multitude of design-related industries beginning with knit, textile and fashion.
The source of this progress can be described as the spirit of creativity, ingenuity, and most importantly, the drive to exceed existing technological boundaries--that is, the Spirit of the Engineer. Each employee at SHIMA SEIKI is an embodiment of that Spirit, pressing ever onward into new and more challenging fields.

Message from the President

A brief message from Mitsuhiro Shima

Company Profile

SHIMA SEIKI's profile, its officers and consolidated subsidiary information

Company History

Highlights of SHIMA SEIKI's corporate history

Other Businesses

SHIMA SEIKI is involved in the basics of living, with its hotel (Shelter) and restaurant (Food) business in addition to its core business of knitting machines (Clothing)

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for the SHIMA SEIKI group of compaanies and its employees

Corporate Social Responsibility

SHIMA SEIKI's contributions to its community and the environment