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SHIMA SEIKI's Total Design Center plans, designs and produces original knit samples as proposals to our customers. From basic sweaters to WHOLEGARMENT ensembles, this page features a collection of the latest samples available from TDC. New samples are introduced periodically so be sure to visit back!


Heading a large advertising firm on Madison Avenue,
Her clients are New York's major fashion brands.
Marketing that quantifies desire, and the yes-men that surround her,
have slowly turned her into a pessimist over the years.
On her time off she lets go of her suit, lets down her hair,
and lets loose her ego by showing off her enticing curves.


If I told you the countryside suits you, would I deserve a slap across the face?
Although you do remind me of the scent of grapes and the rich soil before harvest.
Idle madames with their high-class perfume are no match for you.
I prefer your smile against the transparent skies of Provence
over the cluttered landscape of Paris any day.
In this season when brand new knits are at their brightest.


The girls have a radius of 6 yards surrounding them,
in which sighs of admiration, or even despair, are constantly heard.
A rare blend of self-indulgence and refinement, and exclusive sense of style
allows them to remain at the top of the fashion food chain.
Yuppies from Fifth Avenue who shamelessly attempt to woo them
are sure to pay a high price for their arrogance.


Her snobbish boyfriend invites her to a snobbish cocktail party.
He wants to show off his "somewhat different" girlfriend.
Without hesitation she tosses her paintbrush, and slaps together an outfit.
When cheapness by necessity also becomes policy, it can be an art form.
A muse on the verge of very bad taste is born.
She becomes a drop of poison in this pure, untainted gene pool.

Nine to Five to Nine

Composure and passion, solitude and romanticism, innocence and sensuality.
To realize—and to skillfully manipulate—one's own ambivalence,
may be the key to surviving this dual existence.
From nine to five and on to nine again.
My outfit is a toggle switch between business and pleasure.

Melting Pot

A musician once challenged us to imagine a world with no borders.
An ideal commune of all skin color, eye color and cultures,
the melting pot that is the Big City may be the closest thing there is to such a world.
In this place filled with chaotic charm,
garment designs of international folklore fit best.

Rigid Romantic

Her smile is subtle, but forms deep within her eyes.
Her favorite place is the library at dusk,
in the reference section by the 19th Century illustrated plant guides.
Or you can find her thumbing through the pages of some novel,
set in a British boarding school.
Such simple, unadorned knitwear. Why is it so vivid when worn by her?

Kaffe Kool

What she likes is spotting an introspective melody in a cool jazz tune.
A French film with a short script. A magazine on New York architecture. Caffè correttos.
She isn't picky, but stays away from things that bore.
Her sharp sensibilities are wrapped in the latest avant-garde knitwear.