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SHIMA SEIKI's Total Design Center plans, designs and produces original knit samples as proposals to our customers. From basic sweaters to WHOLEGARMENT ensembles, this page features a collection of the latest samples available from TDC. New samples are introduced periodically so be sure to visit back!

Luxurious Delight

The ultimate in fine knitwear made with the finest materials.
Wear it, and you will know luxury in its truest form.
Simple and unadorned, there is a refined sophistication about it.

Open-Heart Therapy

Sunlight streaming through the trees; the whispering wind; unread poetry...
Time spent doing nothing can be most fulfilling. Could it be that you are wearing your favorite item?
Loose-fitting, cozy knitwear helps to unwind on a quiet afternoon.

Modern Spice

Have you counted the colors of the setting sun cast upon the Silk Road?
Have you seen the beautiful drape of the dunes sculpted by the desert wind?
Trade with exotic cultures have inspired people for thousands of years,
Your journey begins the moment you shroud yourself in these modern-ethnic styles.

Daily News

Using another teacup; waking to some different music; replacing some accessories...
Changing your daily routine on a whim offers new perspective.
Daily casual knitwear that is a cut above the usual, lets you experience a little freedom from the norm.

Nine to Five to Nine

Composure and passion, solitude and romanticism, innocence and sensuality.
To realize—and to skillfully manipulate—one's own ambivalence,
may be the key to surviving this dual existence.
From nine to five and on to nine again.
My outfit is a toggle switch between business and pleasure.

Melting Pot

A musician once challenged us to imagine a world with no borders.
An ideal commune of all skin color, eye color and cultures,
the melting pot that is the Big City may be the closest thing there is to such a world.
In this place filled with chaotic charm,
garment designs of international folklore fit best.

Rigid Romantic

Her smile is subtle, but forms deep within her eyes.
Her favorite place is the library at dusk,
in the reference section by the 19th Century illustrated plant guides.
Or you can find her thumbing through the pages of some novel,
set in a British boarding school.
Such simple, unadorned knitwear. Why is it so vivid when worn by her?

Kaffe Kool

What she likes is spotting an introspective melody in a cool jazz tune.
A French film with a short script. A magazine on New York architecture. Caffè correttos.
She isn't picky, but stays away from things that bore.
Her sharp sensibilities are wrapped in the latest avant-garde knitwear.