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SHIMA SEIKI's Total Design Center plans, designs and produces original knit samples as proposals to our customers. From basic sweaters to WHOLEGARMENT ensembles, this page features a collection of the latest samples available from TDC. New samples are introduced periodically so be sure to visit back!


Raised in Milan,
she grew up learning to stand in the spotlight;
show her feelings; and assert herself as a woman.
Her love for the subtleties of Japan, therefore
may contain a small protest toward her own culture.
She has mastered each move of the tea ceremony
and finds peace from the fading ring of a wind chime.
Only when she passionately insists on taking friends
visiting Japan to do the Zen experience thing,
is her husband quick to point out her fiery Italian nature.


She's a sought-after photographer specializing in hard journalism.
Today, however, was not one of her proudest moments:
Having spotted an unknown gentleman in her viewfinder,
she spontaneously depressed her shutter button.
Realizing what she had done, she reached for the delete button.
For some reason she suddenly remembered
about some jungle tribe that refuses to have their photo taken
for fear of having their soul taken away.
Removing her finger, she thought to herself,
"I let a good man get away today; I might as well keep his soul tonight."


A personal trainer by profession,
to her, fashion never extends beyond function.
To her young boyfriend, it has been a rather frustrating point.
Lately she's heard rumours about him
hanging out with a certain "pretty" girl.
It's probably the reason why you can now tell
that she has become more fashion-conscious
on her way home from the gym than on her way there.


Arabesque patterns in vivid colors that adorn the desert and its women are perhaps symbols of life,
enduring and defying the arid landscape, simply to survive.
City ladies, attracted to the beauty of desert flora are perhaps just as parched,
searching for some relief from the ennui of metropolitan life.
They seek the secrets carried forth on silken roads to quench their thirsting souls.


Most likely she will spend her Holidays as far from the City as possible.
Returning to the sanctuary of her childhood home, she sits with her mother sipping eggnog scented with nutmeg,
listening to Christmas records her father used to enjoy, while flipping through the yellowed pages of old family albums.
Wrapped in layers of snow-colored knits, she slowly begins to heal.
And once again she will return, to the daily stimulation of 5th Avenue.


Someone once said, "Fashion changes with the seasons, but style is forever."
Indeed, what that girl wears on the train each morning is beyond comprehension,
but somehow she holds it all together with a certain sense of style.
Is she a student? An artist? She seems to commute, but to where?—to do what?
Seemingly random, but perfectly coordinated, her outfits seem to laugh at the face of convention, as well as all the stares.
Those stares are gazes of admiration however, as she repeatedly, and successfully, betrays the promise of a boring commute.


Airdrobe (Air + Wardrobe)
WHOLEGARMENT knitwear with inlay structures can be produced efficiently on MACH2X and MACH2XS with the optional inlay carrier.
With unique fabric that combines the sophistication of wovens with the soft elasticity of knits,
textile items such as jackets, skirts and suits can be created for all occasions.
True to its name, Airdrobe combines surprisingly light weight with fit and comfort never before possible.


Knit + Weave = KNEAVE
Special loop presser beds mounted on the SRY machine allows knit structures such as inlay to become easy to knit.
This permits fancy yarns and other yarns that were previously impossible to knit,
as well as materials not normally associated with knitting, to be woven-in to the fabric.
These hybrid knit-weave fabrics undergo finishing processes such as napping and fulling to produce uniquely textured KNEAVE fabrics with high added-value.


Seam-free WHOLEGARMENT knitwear is especially suited to sportswear,
as there are no seams to irritate the skin, or to interfere with stretch haracteristics.
Sportswear can be "formed" in 3D to provide ideal fit and comfort.
This applies to sports gear in addition to sportswear.