Fashion Tech Webinar SeriesSession 1

Key Features for 3D Virtual Sampling of Knitwear!
—Dedicated tools for 3D modeling and knitwear design

Key Features for 3D Virtual Sampling of Knitwear!
—Dedicated tools for 3D modeling and knitwear design

Wednesday, 28 July, 2021 | 10am (CEST) / 4pm (HKT)
Wednesday, 28 July, 2021
10am (CEST) / 4pm (HKT)

* Registration deadline is Monday, 26 July, 2021 | 9am (CEST) / 3pm (HKT)

* Registration deadline is
Monday, 26 July, 2021 | 9am (CEST) / 3pm (HKT)

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Zoom online seminar
Capacity: 100 (first-come, first-served basis)
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Greetings from SHIMA SEIKI!

We are pleased to announce a new series of webinars for our popular SDS-ONE APEX series design system!
In this series of 6 webinars, we will cover a wide range of topics such as
how to use APEX, how to start a virtual sampling project, how to link with production,
and how to use APEX for applications other than knitwear.

In this seminar, the first in the series, we will introduce all the useful functions that are indispensable
for knitwear design, including basic pattern/silhouette creation, search for similar patterns using AI technology,
and instant conversion of designs to Jacquard, with real-time operation.

Those who participate in the webinar and answer the questionnaire will receive as a bonus,
links for watching the webinar archives and downloading PDF documents.

Fashion Tech Webinar Series
Session 1
Key Features for 3D Virtual Sampling of Knitwear!
—Dedicated tools for 3D modeling and knitwear design

Seminar Schedule

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • 1
    • Knitwear pattern/silhouette creation (using various tools)
  • 2
    • Structure pattern creation (using AI search and pattern editing)
  • 3
    • Jacquard design (instant conversion of designs into jacquards)
  • 4
    • Colorway creation (variations using auto function)
  • 5
    • Q&A session

* Schedule and duration are subject to change.

To participate, please fill out the application form.

This webinar is perfect for you if:

    • you are not yet familiar with APEX.
    • you are interested in using APEX.
    • you are facing technical and workflow issues while using APEX.
Freelance designers and students are welcome!



The SDS-ONE APEX series allows you to plan and design, evaluate colorways, create realistic fabric simulations, and even create 3D virtual samples.
It eliminates waste from the fashion supply chain and contributes to sustainability.
In addition to the all-in-one design system, we also offer APEXFiz, a subscription-based design software that can be customized according to your needs.

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Fashion Tech Webinar Series
Total 6 sessions

Session 1
Webinar ended
Key Features for 3D Virtual Sampling of Knitwear!
―Dedicated tools for 3D modeling and knitwear design
Session 2
Webinar ended
Seamless linkage with production for more efficient sampling!
―Transferring data after virtual sampling
Session 3
Webinar ended
How to start up a digital design project!
―Case studies on how to start-up virtual sampling operations
Session 4
Webinar ended
Realizing manufacturing without physical samples!
―How to create digital prototypes for knitted goods
Session 5
Webinar ended
Accelerating DX in your planning work with fabric simulation!
―Simulations for woven fabric, circular knitting, towel, and embroidery
Session 6
Webinar ended
Increase your e-commerce profits using virtual samples!
―Techniques for reducing costs and forecasting demand