High quality virtual sample

SDS-ONE APEX series Design System/Software

When it comes to fashion design,
“Nothing else compares”

Faster. More realistic. More creative.
SHIMA SEIKI's SDS-ONE APEX series design system and software
can realize virtual sampling in ultra-high resolution,
while digitalization helps to improve accuracy and
accelerate the product development process.
Once you use it, no other software is good enough!

SDS-ONE APEX series Design System/Software

SDS-ONE APEX series features a wide range of useful software, from planning and design of various items to prototype creation, and sales promotion.

Speed is the highest priority for maximizing profit!

Can I make my workflow more efficient?

How do I improve my designs?

The SDS-ONE APEX series is the solution.


What the SDS-ONE APEX series can change

3D Virtual sample

3D Virtual Sample

Quality that is close to the real thing

A high-quality simulation that is so realistic it is often mistaken for the real thing, can work sufficiently as a prototype. Only SHIMA SEIKI’s SDS-ONE APEX series can perform ultra-high-precision 3D simulation of fabrics including dimensional structures and fuzzy textures.

Place your finger or cursor over the image to activate the magnifying glass for a closer look.

Connected to Production

Connection to machine production

Data created on SDS-ONE APEX series is connected directly to machine production. For example, in the case of knitting, flat knitting machine data is created in real time while designing, and both are completed simultaneously. This data can then be converted to programming data for actual knitting.

Digitalization of communication

By digitalizing the planning process using SDS-ONE APEX series, you can accurately communicate your ideas to production, which can then create samples quickly and accurately.
Digital communication can be performed among related companies throughout the supply chain, from yarn spinners and apparel companies to manufacturers.

A Dedicated System

High efficiency unique to specialized functions

Unlike general-purpose software, specialized functions allow increased efficiency because the desired design can be completed with fewer steps. Designers can concentrate more on creative work.

Auto-suggest function

SDS-ONE APEX series has an auto-suggest function that stimulates inspiration, including the automatic colorway function.

Digital Yarn Sourcing Website

yarnbank is a web service for searching and viewing digitized yarns from around the world. Yarn data can be downloaded for virtual sampling on SDS-ONE APEX series, contributing to efficient product planning, accurate simulations and sustainable manufacturing.


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Recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari

Dramatically Shortened Lead Times

By utilizing virtual samples and digitalizing communication, lead time for product development is dramatically shortened. As product planning can be delayed as much as possible, the latest trends can be reflected more accurately, improving the forecasting accuracy of product demand. Bargain sales and opportunity loss can be reduced while profits are maximized. This leads to sustainability because it reduces the number of unsold products that are discarded.

Short lead times Short lead times

For more information about sustainable manufacturing proposed by SHIMA SEIKI, click here.

Sustainability at SHIMA SEIKI

Revolutionizing the supply chain

By linking SHIMA SEIKI products and solutions,
we have overhauled the plan-produce-sell process
in the manufacturing of apparel products.

The three phases now interact to form a synergy
that realizes smart, speedy and sustainable production.

planning Sales Production

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Shima Design Solutions

Virtual sample of flat knitting
Virtual sample of flat knitting

Flat Knitting

SHIMA SEIKI's SDS-ONE APEX series can be used to design flat knitting patterns including structure patterns, intarsia patterns and jacquard patterns. It can also perform realistic simulation of yarn such as mohair yarn, slub yarn and shiny yarn, taking into account plating, number of yarn ends and counts. It also improves production efficiency with a vast database of structure patterns, which are linked with KnitCAD software for SHIMA SEIKI knitting machines. SDS-ONE APEX series offers comprehensive support for each stage in the flat knitting supply chain, from knit planning, pattern design and colorway evaluation to production and even sales promotion.

Virtual sample of textile
Virtual sample of textile


SHIMA SEIKI's SDS-ONE APEX series can be used to design textile patterns including stripes and check patterns, dobby patterns, multiple weaves and jacquard patterns. Three-dimensional weaves such as structure and seersucker, raised nap, and conversion to pile fabric are also possible. SDS-ONE APEX series offers comprehensive support for everything from textile product planning, pattern production and evaluation of colorways to output of instruction sheets, creation of product images and sales promotion.

Virtual sample of circular knitting
Virtual sample of circular knitting

Circular Knitting

SHIMA SEIKI's SDS-ONE APEX series can be used to design circular knit fabric patterns including stripes and jacquard patterns. It can also produce a variety of structure patterns for single-knit fabrics such as jersey and tuck patterns, as well as double-knit fabrics such as rib fabrics. Raised nap fabrics and prints can also be simulated. SDS-ONE APEX series offers comprehensive support for everything from product planning, pattern development, colorways and fabric simulation to output of circular knit CAD bitmap data and generation of sales promotion material.

Virtual sample of print
Virtual sample of print


SHIMA SEIKI's SDS-ONE APEX series is equipped with various pattern production tools for planning and creating original print designs. Comprehensive support is available, from pattern production, repeats and colorways as well as color separation and fabric production, to product simulation and sales promotion. SDS-ONE APEX series can be used to produce colorways in single-color, gradation, shading as well as full-color. In addition to highly efficient color specification using the built-in PANTONE database and chromatometer, the automatic colorway feature can instantly produce a variety of color schemes for evaluation under a given theme or other requirement.

Virtual sample of embroidery
Virtual sample of embroidery


By converting illustrations into stitch data using the Auto-Punching function, embroidery designs can be easily simulated. A variety of pattern stitches and embroidery pen are also available. Simulations created on SDS-ONE APEX series can be combined with the product image. Furthermore, by printing images of embroidery simulation on fabric, it becomes possible to create embroidery-like products with added value never before possible.

Aside from product simulation, SDS-ONE APEX series is equipped with various software such as planning, design, pattern CAD, and programming CAD for knitting machines. In addition, comprehensive operation guides are available, such as the work menu and the assistant menu. A color management system is also supported.

Virtual Showroom

3D virtual samples can be displayed in virtual space and can be used for presentations and retail promotion. Experience the future of online showrooms.


XR Mannequin for APEXFiz

Virtual samples created on APEXFiz are combined with KDDI's XR mannequin technology to offer new customer experiences that will enable the use of virtual samples not only at the planning stage, but at the sales promotion stage as well.

Virtual Fashion Show

By editing 3D virtual sample data, fashion shows can also be held in virtual space. The following video introduces SHIMA SEIKI's latest knit collection in a virtual fashion show format. Fashion shows can be held and viewed anywhere in the world.

3D virtual sample

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