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Solar Electricity Generation

The Company has incorporated global environmental protection into the SHIMA SEIKI Group Code of Conduct. Accordingly, we recognize the promotion of environmentally aware business activities and compliance with all environment-related laws and regulations as top management priorities.
The production division is promoting energy conservation, striving to reduce average annual energy consumption by 1% or more. We have introduced a large-scale solar-powered generation system at each factory building such as the Company's new FA Building No. 3 assembly plant for WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines. This step boosts combined photovoltaic output of the SHIMA SEIKI Group's production plants to 1,550kW-one of the highest outputs for a Japanese private enterprise. We are thus effectively realizing a 10% reduction in power consumption through deployment of natural energy resources.
Other SHIMA SEIKI energy saving initiatives include installation of thermal storage air-conditioners, adoption of lighting systems using inverters and reuse of dissipated heat from machine tools.

Greening Efforts

The Company's efforts to promote greenery at its factories have yielded a 30% green area ratio for its 160,000 sq. meters of factory grounds. We have also planted some 12,000 trees, as part of our efforts to contribute to CO2 reduction. In October 2007, SHIMA SEIKI received the Outstanding Green Development Factory Award from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (MITI) for its overall efforts to promote the greening of factories and its contributions to regional greening. In the future, the Company will continue to promote and preserve the green development of its factories. Further, we will strive to improve such facilities as surrounding roadways, street lighting and pedestrian walkways.
We have also installed illuminations around the Head Office building, with additional crime-prevention benefits. Through such initiatives, we aim to contribute to local communities.

Fusion Museum

As a pioneer and leading company in its field, SHIMA SEIKI operates its "Fusion Museum" as a further contribution to the knit apparel industry.
The Fusion Museum features an overview of flat knitting machines and glove knitting machines, introducing visitors to the history of knitting machines, from the world’s first sock knitting machine, produced in the United Kingdom, to our current state-of-the-art equipment. We wish to provide visitors with an opportunity to see and touch actual machines and understand the workings of manufacturing knitwear.
The Museum also contributes to local education by being used as a facitlity for learning by experience. “Art club” is a workshop open for kids to experience and enjoy making things by using our design system, which helps to promote design education among children by honing their sense of the aesthetic and power of expression.
We hope that children can learn to appreciate the creativity and fun involved in making things by cultivating their intellectually inquiring minds.

ISO14001 Certification


SHIMA SEIKI promotes manufacturing that is beneficial to people and the earth, contributes to environmental conservation through the development and supply of “environmentally considerate products,” and upholds social responsibility as a global company. For this purpose, all business activities at our headquarters related to the design, manufacture and sales of our products have been granted ISO14001 certification by an accredited third party.

Fundamental Policy / Action Guideline of Quality and Environment