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Even More Effective Virtual Sampling with 3D

Drawing from years of experience and know-how as a world leader in fashion technology, SHIMA SEIKI has created a design system that goes far beyond the simple patterning and programming available form the competition. With powerful proprietary hardware and industry-specific software for fashion design, clothing design and apparel design developed in-house, no other design system even comes close to SDS-ONE APEX3.

Flat knitting

From planning and design to production and even sales promotion, SDS-ONE APEX3 supports each stage in the supply chain.


SDS-ONE APEX3 supports all aspects of textile design, from pattern production and colorway evaluation to realistic 3D simulation and final product images.


SDS-ONE APEX3 can be used to produce and repeat patterns, sort and arrange colorways, and perform mapping for realistic product evaluation.

Circular knitting

SDS-ONE APEX3 is equipped with features such as stripe function to produce patterns while previewing the fabric. Simulations of yarn and reverse side of fabrics are also possible.

Conventionally, a significant amount of time and cost is spent among product planning and production departments, for repeatedly checking and modifying such design elements as pattern, silhouette, color and texture. By taking advantage of the capabilities of SDS-ONE APEX3, it is possible for both planning and production to share a clear image of the design before an actual sample is produced, drastically improving efficiency in the production process.

  • Time
  • In doing so, significant time compression is achieved from product planning to sample making, allowing quick response to fashion trends and early market penetration of products.

  • Cost
  • Costs associated with sample making such as labor, materials and shipping fees are minimized as well.

  • Quality
  • Finally, by being able to visualize the finished garment beforehand, higher quality can be achieved in the sample making stage.

    Fabric textures are combined with product images to create realistic simulations that can be used for presentation and sales promotion, for a variety of items in addition to apparel garments.

  • Apparel companies
  • Trading companies
  • Yarn spinners
  • Textile converters
  • Fabric manufacturers
  • Flat knitting manufacturers
  • Circular knitting manufacturers
  • Printing manufacturers
  • Uniform manufacturers
  • Shirt manufacturers
  • Bottoms manufacturers
  • Sportswear
  • Innerwear
  • Lace
  • Towels
  • Interior furnishings
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Umbrellas
  • Sundries
  • Education
  • ISO9001 Certification ---SHIMA SEIKI has ISO9001 certification for Design and Manufacturing of Design Systems.

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