Airdrobe Dress

Item Y4756W009
Machine MACH2XS123
Material VISCOSE 75% POLYESTER(ELITE) 25% 2/50X1
ACRYLIC 53% NYLON 47% 1/10x1
Gauge 15L (12G fabric)
Description One of 5 variations on the same one-piece inlay dress knit on its side (based on Y4728W009). Rayon stretch yarn with lamé space dyed yarnfor inlayyields a rich, iridescent effect. Thin yarn is ued on ground for lightweight. On the skirt, panels without inlay extend upward to connect with darts at the bust for a corset-like design.
Knitting Technique 1×1 birds' eye inlay dress with horizontal knitting. Flared skirt is created with 1x1 birds' eye panel using only ground yarn. Collar, armholes, and sides are sewn.

Wide Pants -4- Airdrobe Dress -2-