Airdrobe Dress

Item Y4728W009
Machine MACH2XS153(/123)
Material TENCEL 69% CUPRO 20% POLYETHYLENE 11% 1/35X2
Gauge 15L (12G fabric)
Description One-piece inlay dress knit on its side that is the base for 4 other dresses. High waist one-piece dress with triangle panel of single jersey on 1×1 birds' eye inlay ground. As 1x1 birds' eye inlay is not rolled and single jersey is rolled outwards, 3D effect is created on drape of skirt between panels. Other features are differences of transparency and gloss.
Knitting Technique 1x1 birds' eye inlay dress knit on its side. Single jersey connection is applied on skirt part to create flared Collar, armholes, and sides are sewn afterwards.

Airdrobe Dress -1- Airdrobe Dress -3-