Airdrobe Dress

Item Y4763W009
Machine MACH2XS153
Material RAYON 100% 1/38X2
PAPER YARN 50% LI 33% ACRYLIC 17% 1/7.8X1
Gauge 15L (12G fabric)
Description One of 5 variations on the same one-piece inlay dress knit on its side (based on Y4728W009). Entire width of MACH2XS153 is used for maximum length dress. By combining bright rayon and Japanese Washi paper, unique expression with drape is created. Transparency of skirt and deep V neck give a sexy and elegant look.
Knitting Technique Inlay one-piece dress knit on its side. Skirt hem width is created with flechage knitting. Transparency is created by placing 1x1 purl without inlay alternately. It also reduces the weight on flared skirt part. Armholes and neck part are cut and piping are attached afterwards.

Airdrobe Dress -3- Airdrobe Dress -5-