Airdrobe Dress

Item Y4754W009
Machine MACH2XS123
Material POLYESTER 100% 84T/2-72X2
NYLON 100% 1/6.5X1
Gauge 15L (12G fabric)
Description One of 5 variations on the same one-piece inlay dress knit on its side (based on Y4728W009). Lightweight and warm one-piece dress is proposed for A/W. Polyester woolly yarn is used on ground and nylon chenille yarn is used for inlay. Entire width of MACH2XS153 is used for length. S curve pattern is used for panel on skirt to form a slightly curved silhouette.
Knitting Technique 1×1 birds' eye inlay dress knit on its side. Flared skirt is created with the same structure. Collar, armholes, and sides are sewn.

Airdrobe Dress -4- Sports -1-