ITMA 2016 Knitting Samples

Item Y4781W009
Machine MACH2XS123
Material RAYON 77% NYLON 23% 1/34X2
POLYESTER 100% 1/20X1
POLYESTER 100% 84T/2X2
NYLON 85.6% ESPA 14.4% 40/70dX1
Gauge 15L (12G fabric)
Description WHOLEGARMENT quilted vest knitted in an open state using inlay carrier. For quilting pattern, based on honeycomb pattern, patterns are varied in gradation state by overlapping honeycomb patterns of different sizes partly. Intarsia jacquard logo is added on back.
Knitting Technique WHOLEGARMENT quilted vest. Inlay is performed to insert inner cotton into tubular structure. WHOLEGARMENT is realized by knitting in an open state. Intarsia jacquard knitting is performed for logo on back.

Print Grading -1- ITMA 2016 Knitting Samples -2-