ITMA 2016 Knitting Samples

Item I1856S009
Machine SVR123SP-SV
Material RAYON 74% NYLON 26% 1/51X2,3
POLYESTER 100% 1/6.6X2
NYLON 100% 40dX1
Gauge 14G
Description 3D pleated skirt with elegant and architectural image. With flechage knitting, 3D shape can be realized. By performing inlay with polyester yarn in structure connecting front-back tuck, light and firm neoprene-like material is realized. With tuck, shadow stripes are created to produce a herringbone pattern.
Knitting Technique Inlay skirt with flechage knitting using movable sinker. By performing extra knitting only for one part of tubular on pleated part, valley-fold and mountain-fold are created.

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