Item Y4727W00M (WHOLEGARMENT one-piece dress), Y4714W00M (WHOLEGARMENT jacket)
Machine (Y4727W00M) MACH2XS123, (Y4714W00M) MACH2XS153
Material (Y4727W00M) COTTON 50% ACRYLIC 50% 32/2X2
COTTON 50% ACRYLIC 48% RAYON 2% 32/2X2
(Y4714W00M) NYLON 100% 1/37.5X2
RAYON 67% POLYESTER 33% 1/24X2
Gauge (Y4727W00M) 15L (12G fabric), (Y4714W00M) 15L (12G fabric)
Description (Y4727W00M) WHOLEGARMENT one-piece dress with pleats. Placket and collar are attached afterwards.
(Y4714W00M) WHOLEGARMENT jacket accentuating hem line. To knit pocket together, it is changed to half gauge knitting.
Knitting Technique (Y4727W00M) Raglan one-piece dress with 1x1 birds' eye tuck pattern. Box pleats are attached on waist part. 3-color stripes are applied on hem.
(Y4714W00M) WHOLEGARMENT set-in jacket with hood and combination pattern of 2x2 rib and 2x2 birds' eye links. Pocket is knitted together. Linking is performed for the end of hood.

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