Item I1845S0LL (Quilted vest)
Y4704W0LL (WHOLEGARMENT inlay skirt)
Machine (I1845S0LL) SRY183LP-SV, (Y4704W0LL) MACH2XS123
Material (I1845S0LL) POLYESTER 100% 84T/2-72X2
POLYESTER 100% 1/2.3X1
(Y4704W0LL) COTTON 50% ACRYLIC 48% RAYON 2% 32/2X2
COTTON 100% 1/4.3X1
Gauge (I1845S0LL) 14G, (Y4704W0LL) 15L (12G fabric)
Description (I1845S0LL) Quilted vest thickened by floating thick polyester yarn. Sporty design is realized with 3 colors.
(Y4704W0LL) Inlay skirt knit on its side. By changing how to float inlay, pattern is created. Finishing with sewing machine is applied on waist.
Knitting Technique (I1845S0LL) Quilted jacket for golf applying inlay with polyester yarn for batting. Darts on back drop and front body and pockets are sewn and cut. Fasteners are attached on pockets and placket.
(Y4704W0LL) Inlay skirt knit on its side. Size difference between waist part and hem part is created by flechage knitting.

Sports -3- Sports -5-