Item Y4722W00L (WHOLEGARMENT vest), I1843S0LL (Inlay skirt)
Machine (Y4722W00L) MACH2XS123, (I1843S0LL) SRY183LP-SV
Material (Y4722W00L) COTTON 50% ACRYLIC 50% 32/2X2
(I1843S0LL) COTTON 50% ACRYLIC 48% RAYON 2% 32/2X2
COTTON 100% 1/4.3X1
Gauge (Y4722W00L) 15L (12G fabric), (I1843S0LL) 14G
Description (Y4722W00L) WHOLEGARMENT vest with striped pattern on neckline. Design takes advantage of XS sinker. Flechage knitting creates intarsia-like pattern.
(I1843S0LL) Inlay skirt knit on its side. 2 color inlay yarns are floated on ground of 2-color stripes to create pattern. Accessories are knitted-in.
Knitting Technique (Y4722W00L) WHOLEGARMENT vest with intarsia-like 3-color stripes on neckline with flechage knitting.
(I1843S0LL) Checkered pattern skirt with high knitting efficiency using inlay carrier.

Sports -4- Sports -6-