Tension Measuring Machine

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Tension Measuring Machine

Tension Measuring Machine

Supporting Stable Knitting by Measuring Stretch Yarn

SHIMA SEIKI's new Tension Measuring Machine is an essential tool for supporting compression products in knitting. Normally when knitting with stretch yarn for WHOLEGARMENT, fine adjustment of yarn feed amount was required to compensate for the difference in yarn usage for front body and back body due to the push/pull effect of yarn feed tension. By measuring the stretch property of yarn and sending that data to the knitting machine, the Tension Measuring Machine can set the appropriate yarn feed amount for both push and pull. In addition, by attaching tension sensors to the i-DSCS+DTC device on the knitting machine, yarn feed amount can be adjusted automatically while monitoring tension during knitting. The tension measuring machine contributes to improved quality and higher efficiency when knitting with stretch yarn for medical and sportswear applications.

Type Tension Measuring Machine
Supported machines MACH2XS
Measurement range 0 to 500mm
Yarn elongation amount of tension 0 to 2N
Measurement error Repeat error ±0.01mm
Lost motion 0.1mm or less
Speed Max 260mm/s
External interface USB Interface × 1 port (USB Memory support)
Network interface Ethernet100BASE-T
Operation Color LCD touch panel
Unit size W723mm × D171mm × H300mm
Power Single phase AC100V-240V 40VA (30W)

Tension Measuring Machine
Kg ( lbs. ) 11.5 ( 25.3 )

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