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WHOLEGARMENT Computerized Flat Knitting Machine




The new "SWG-N2" series is SHIMA SEIKI’s compact class of WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines. Featuring our renowned SlideNeedle on 10-, 16-, 24- and 36-inch wide needlebeds respectively, SWG021N2, SWG041N2, SWG061N2 and SWG091N2 are capable of producing a range of fashion accessories from gloves, socks, hats, mufflers, neck-ties and other small items, as well as childrenswear and even leggings and tank tops, all in their entirety, with no sewing or linking required*. The new SWG-N2 series features the proven R2CARRIAGE system for higher productivity. A larger number of yarn carriers and holding hooks for yarn cutting, as well as a separate yarn holder with increased capacity allows for even more flexibility in multi-color knitting. In addition to their established reputation in the fashion industry, the SWG-N2 series is also capable of producing technical textiles, such as industrial material, sports, medicine and safety, expanding your business potential far beyond present limits.

* Some designs may require partial stitching.

The Original SlideNeedle


In its pursuit of ideal WHOLEGARMENT production, SHIMA SEIKI has reinvented the most basic element of knitting―the needle. The new SlideNeedle is the result of a thorough re-evaluation of the 150-year-old design of the conventional latch needle. A flexible two-piece slider mechanism replaces the conventional latch mechanism and offers possibilities in both knitting and transfer never imagined before. This also eliminates the transfer clip and allows the needle to be mounted in the center of the needle groove, thereby achieving perfectly symmetrical loop formation for knitting the highest possible quality fabrics.

5 Gauge Knitting

SWG091N2 is now available in 5-gauge. With the development of a larger version of the original SlideNeedle, a wider variety of yarns such as fancy yarn and twisted yarn can now be used for producing knitted items with unprecedented hand-knitted texture. Furthermore with the yarn stopper device, yarn feed can be controlled to avoid potential problems with knitting and improve maintenance.

Rapid Response R2CARRIAGE System

SWG-N2 series is equipped with SHIMA SEIKI's proven R2CARRIAGE (R2=Rapid Response) System. Advanced carriage mechanism combined with improved software programming achieves quicker carriage returns after each course, resulting in higher productivity.

Top Tension and Elastic Yarn Feeder Device

Top Tension and Elastic Yarn Feeder

The top tension device on SWG-N2 series employs a convenient one-touch threading system for quick and easy setups. When a knot is detected during knitting, the machine stops for large knots, while small knots cause the machine to slow down. The top tension therefore serves as an effective quality control sensor. The elastic yarn feed device furthermore features a motorized unit for controlled feed of elastic yarns, which allows production of various supporters and braces for the sports and medical fields. Yarn feed is performed from above for greater reliability and efficiency.

Edge Yarn Insertion

Edge Yarn Insertion

With an all-new yarn insertion device, edge yarns can be cleaned up not only at the fingertips but also between fingers and toes for gloves and socks. SWG-N2 series feature a motor-driven insertion hook and cutter which ensure reliable insertion.

Spring-Type Sinker System

SWG-N2 series feature SHIMA SEIKI's original sinker knitting system. Conventional forced-operation type sinkers are only activated upon carriage traverse in each course, and tend to subject fabrics to unnecessary stress and cause compressed loops and even yarn breakage. In sharp contrast, SHIMA SEIKI's spring-type mechanism works full-time regardless of carriage position, and provides gentle holddown movement. Consequently, significant improvement in fabric quality for complicated patterns is achieved.

Auto Yarn Carrier

Auto Yarn Carrier

SWG-N2 series feature auto yarn carriers that are motorized and move independently, eliminating the need for extra carriage courses to move carriers out of the way during intarsia knitting. This dramatically improves productivity and efficiency. Together with a separate yarn holder with higher capacity, even more flexibility in multi-color knitting can be had.

Air Splicer (optional)

Air Splicer (optional)

Unlike previous knotter devices which relied on a cutting and knotting mechanism, the optional air splicer uses a burst of pressurized air to instantly twist yarns together on the fly. Stripes and border patterns with multiple colors can be produced very efficiently.

i-DSCS+DTC (optional)

Optional on SWG-N2 series is i-DSCS+DTC Digital Stitch Control System "with Intelligence" and Dynamic Tension Control. i-DSCS+DTC carries over the benefits of DSCS while achieving the ultimate performance in digital knitting. Whereas DSCS is a passive system which controls stitch length by mechanically limiting yarn-feed, i-DSCS+DTC has the capability to actively control yarn-feed in both feed and retrieval directions as necessary, through variable electronic control of yarn tension. These result in even higher quality and greater productivity using a wider variety of yarns, including high-speed knitting of challenging yarns such as fancy yarns, stretch yarns, slub yarns and delicate cashmeres. Precise electronic control means i-DSCS+DTC provides consistent quality among different machines, production batches and repeat orders, and is crucial to the precision knitting required in WHOLEGARMENT production.

A User-Friendlier Knitting Machine 

Air Splicer (optional)

SWG-N2 series features an all-new full-color LCD touch-sensitive control panel with a larger screen that greatly improves on the previous monochromatic display. Still at eye-level, the new control panel maintains established ergonomic benefits by carrying over function buttons for simultaneous use of both hands. Easily accessible USB interface and network connection continue to provide improved access in data transfer. For those moments when power suddenly becomes unavailable, a backup power supply allows work to resume after power failures. This offers peace of mind that an entire garment will not be lost due to blackouts.

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