Taking Good Care

Taking Good Care

— Healthcare —

SHIMA SEIKI supports development in the medical field with state-of-the-art technology.
Unique possibilities in healthcare are offered.

Healthcare knitting

Knit It

Knitwear provides excellent fit,
comfort and stretch characteristics
suitable for medical and nursing fields.

Partial compression and special shaping techniques
further increase knitwear's potential
to support a wide range of medical applications.

Why knit with SHIMA SEIKI?

Why knit with SHIMA SEIKI?

Multiple-variety, small-lot production

Quick response

Sustainable production using minimum material

Optimum constriction and compression

Consistent production by digitalization

Three-dimensional shaping

Healthcare x 3D x Knit Healthcare x 3D x Knit

Healthcare x 3D x Knit

Body shape information is scanned
and converted into 3D data,
which is used to knit WHOLEGARMENT
items three-dimensionally.
Items can be tailored
to the individual body of each patient.

While personalized healthcare is becoming
increasingly popular,
WHOLEGARMENT knitting becomes the perfect solution
with its on-demand custom capability.

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

With WHOLEGARMENT, wearable smart textiles
featuring embedded electronics,
IC tags, and communication antennas etc.
can be produced.

Design System/Software SDS-ONE APEX Series

Design It

With the SDS-ONE APEX series design system
and software, designs can be evaluated
during the planning and design stages
using "virtual samples" created by simulations.

The need for sampling is eliminated
because it is realistic enough to be regarded
as an actual product, which can shorten
lead times for product development.

Furthermore, the original data can be used
for programming for the production machine,
and production can be started immediately
after design approval.

Cost reduce

Time reduce

Quality increase


Conversion from 3D data to patterning data and knitting data for knitting machines is performed easily. This contributes to personalized medicine as well.


Cut It

Production of medical products
can be further automated.
SHIMA SEIKI offers a comprehensive lineup of machines
that supports various customer needs.

Benefits of SHIMA SEIKI's Cutting Machine

MADE IN JAPAN quality and precision

Support for small-lots and custom orders

Conservation of raw material

High production efficiency

User Support by SHIMA SEIKI

Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

SHIMA SEIKI has established a user support system worldwide. Customers can use our products with reassurance from a comprehensive maintenance program, training programs suited to each customer's needs, and a steady, long-term supply of genuine parts.

SHIMA online

SHIMA online

The SHIMA SEIKI Online Services portal site is a one-stop source for accessing various web-based services.
From fashion information and PLM solutions to sample data downloads, FAQs and tutorials, we support our users in all stages of the product supply chain.

We can tailor solutions to fit each customer's requirements.
Please feel free to contact us.