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13/March/2023 APEX Product

Trouble in SDS-ONE APEX Design V-03

An error has been confirmed in SDS-ONE APEX/SDS-ONE APEXFiz V-03 Design that applications cannot be used when certain operation is performed. We are planning to release a corrected version (V-03A) as soon as possible.
Until then, please following the avoidance method indicated below.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

[Countermeasure for this trouble]
We will contact you again as soon as a corrected version (V-03A) is prepared.
If you are using V-03, please update to V-03A. If you are not using V-03, please keep using the current version

[Avoidance method]
In various Print menu (Print Colorway, Loop Print, Weave Print, Circular Knitting Print, Towel Print), open [Details] at the bottom of the menu, go to [Others] tab and remove the check of [Background Printing].

Version with this trouble:

Corrected version:
V-03A (Early April)

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